Donald Trump wants to send $1,000 to every american to help people with the Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis

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Donald Trump wants to send $1,000 to every american to help people with the Coronavirus Covid 19 crisis

With complete containment and quarantine starting in the country (California, New York, Florida, …), many unemployed, self-employed people, small businesses find themselves without income!

We know that among readers of Bitcoin Crypto Advice, there are many professionals, freelancers and unemployed people impacted by this Coronavirus crisis.

Donald Trump and the US government are therefore setting up aid to financially support all these unemployed, self-employed and small businesses who could quickly find themselves in financial distress because of the crisis caused by this Coronavirus/Covid-19.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the US President announced that they are ready to send 1,000 dollars to help every american in this difficult situation.

“We’re looking at sending checks to Americans immediately,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said as reported by the Washington Post.

Other measures might be considered such as:

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Payment deadlines for tax payments.
Direct tax rebates.

The financial consequences will be clearly difficult for all these unemployed, freelancers and professionals especially since the quarantine will be at least 30 days!

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Some experts believe that if we compare with the dynamics of the Coronavirus epidemic curve in China, the reversal of the Covid19 epidemic curve could occur around end of april 2020!

If this is the case, it will therefore be necessary to be patient and do something else during these weeks of quarantine in order to get rid of this Coronavirus/Covid-19!