The Best ERC20 Wallets!

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In a previous article, what-is-an-erc20-token, we talked about what is an ERC20 Token.

Let’s see what are the Best ERC20 Wallets on the market.

Where to store safely your ERC20 Tokens.

Remember that you can store any ERC-20 Token on any Ethereum Address.

  • First, let’s start with the Best ERC20 wallet!

To be really secured, you need a wallet that is not connected to the internet and a wallet that includes a backup if you lose it!


The Nano Ledger offers that, you can store your ERC20 tokens and many other Altcoins or even Bitcoin of course.

It has a backup system in case you lose your Nano Ledger Wallet, Ledger is the World Leader in Crypto Hardware Wallets!


To us, the Best ERC20 wallet on the web is Myetherwallet.

It’s pretty simple to use even if it kind of looks messy when you first look at it but it’s basic and it does the job.
Always be careful with your private keys, don’t lose them or you will never have access to your tokens for ever!

And make sure you put the website address in your favorites so you don’t go on any phishing website.

By creating your wallet on, you will have an ERC-20 compatible tokens wallet, myetherwallet will give you a public address to use where you can send your ERC20 tokens or your ETHER tokens as well.

By logging into your Myetherwallet account, there is a procedure to follow to show your ERC20 tokens, some may appear immediately but others may not.
Do not panic if you do not see your ERC20 tokens right away, just have them appear on your myetherwallet account.
You can then memorize the ERC20 tokens you want to see.

The Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet where you can store your ERC20 tokens.

Easy to use, it’s a good choice if you are looking to keep your ERC20 Tokens safe on a mobile wallet.

Trust works with any ERC20 and ERC223 tokens and supports the main blockchains in the Ethereum ecosystem – Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Callisto.

Currently more than 20,000 tokens that are built on Ethereum are accessible through TrustWallet app.
On the TrustWallet, you can securely stock privacy coins like Zcoin or Zcash for example.

Very well done, it’s a nice wallet for Android or Apple IOS.
The crypto wallet Trustwallet belongs to Binance.

You can download the Trust Wallet on their website at
On Google Play Store: Click here.
And on  Apple App Store: Click here.

  • A good Brower Extension for ERC20 Tokens, MetaMask:

MetaMask is a good choice if you are looking for a Browser Extension on your desktop.

This browser extension not only serves as a storage solution for all ERC20 Tokens in existence, but also as Ethereum blockchain browser where you can access other Dapps like cryptokitty!

You can download the MetaMask Browser Extension for:


Chome: Click here.

Opera: Click here.

So, here you have the Best ERC20 Token Wallets.

Whether you want a mobile wallet to store your ERC20 Tokens, a ERC20 wallet on internet, a ERC20 wallet with a Browser Extension or finally the Best Hardware Wallet to store safely your ERC-20 Tokens.
You have the choice and you can pick the one that fits you the best!