Telework and Coronavirus/Covid-19, stay at home and make money during confinement and quarantine

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Telework and Coronavirus Covid19, stay at home and make money during confinement and quarantine

Confinement, quarantine, teleworking, working from home, Coronavirus or Covid19 are the terms that we hear every day on radio or television.

With many countries in quarantine, many people and employees find themselves trapped at home unable to do anything or in the best of cases to work remotely by telework precisely.

Certain jobs cannot benefit from teleworking or because sometimes the employer or the boss refuses remote work, millions of people find themselves at home without activity and especially without being able to earn money!

Parents and families also find themselves with children at home who must be supervised and schooled so that they do not miss too many lessons during this confinement which will last for months probably.

Making money on the internet is possible, if dropshipping is well known, generating a passive income is also possible thanks to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, this is what we will see in this article.


With teleworking or working at home, whether you have an activity or not, you could look in particular in trading Bitcoin and crypto currencies.

Without knowledge in trading or technical analysis, copy trading or social trading help people who would like to be able to benefit from crypto trading thanks to crypto trading bots and Bitcoin robots.
Be careful of course, trading is a risky activity, be careful with the money you invest, these examples are not financial advice.

Automated trading allows you to let a crypto trading bot take care of trading while you are doing something else, the optimal solution being to use an automated trading strategy from a professional trader.

This is possible as we have seen in various tutorial guides and there is this leading automated crypto trading platform, Kryll, which offers social trading with crypto trading strategies provided by professional traders.

With a few clicks, you can install the trading strategy that you want on the Kryll marketplace on your account.

The crypto trading bot will then automatically apply the professional trader’s trading strategy to your Kryll account.
You have nothing else to do.

Of course, you have to choose the crypto trading strategies, you can find all the best trading strategies to rent on the Kryll Marketplace.

The Barsoom and Gaia strategies have seen some success due to their last results.


Gaia offers strategies adapted in particular to LINK/BTC, XTZ/BTC, KCS/BTC.

make money from home with crypto trading bot

It is advised to launch different trading pairs in order to spread the risks by diversifying your portfolio of strategies (risk management).


There are many other crypto trading strategies for rent on the Kryll marketplace, just look at the offers and choose the ones you want to install on your account.

Opening an account on Kryll is free, no monthly subscription, you only pay when you use a trading strategy in real mode.
The tests are unlimited and free.

Do your own research before trading, there are also free guides and tutorials on Kryll to learn more about automated trading.

Quarantine and confinement is likely to last a long time, you have time to spend learning about all this at home.