Where to buy Cryptocurrencies

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We saw in a previous article how to buy Bitcoin: https://bitcoincryptoadvice.com/how-to-buy-bitcoin

If you have already bought one or more Bitcoins, you may want to buy other cryptocurrencies that interest you.

Because cryptocurrency is not essentially Bitcoin, there are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies on the market.

So where to buy cryptocurrencies?

The best sites to buy cryptocurrency.

There are a few big crypto exchanges like E-toroGeminiBittrex, CoinbaseBitstampKraken.
They are safe and secured.


Important tips before buying cryptocurrency:
Ask about the site, if it is secure, the reviews available on the internet.
If the site does not seem safe to you, do not go there, there are other sites to buy your cryptocurrency or wait until the cryptocurrency you are interested in is available on an crypto exchange site that you like and trust .

Do not leave your cryptocurrencies on exchange sites, as for Bitcoin, you must store them on a wallet because a website exchange can be victim of hacking and see your cryptocurrency disappear!
Either on the wallet of the cryptocurrency you bought, if it has one available.

Use a secure external wallet like Nano Ledger if it accepts the cryptocurrency you bought: Ledger.com.

In summary.

If you want to buy one of the main cryptocurrencies on the market, it is certainly available on the site where you have already bought Bitcoin as Binance, EtoroGeminiBittrexCoinbaseBitstampKraken.

Store your cryptocurrency safely on a secure external wallet like Nano Ledger on Ledger.com.


As always, do your own research before buying a cryptocurrency and investing money.
All this information is not financial advice, you are responsible for your money and your personal decisions.

You can continue your reading with this article and learn how to store bitcoin and cryptocurrency: https://bitcoincryptoadvice.com/how-to-store-cryptocurrency/