Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

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This is one of the biggest mysteries in the tech world!
Nobody knows the father of the virtual currency called Bitcoin or knows if he really exists as it also could be a group of persons and not only one individual.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin?

Who is behind Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto would be today at the head of a huge fortune, nearly ten years after the first transaction in bitcoin, in January 2009.
Two years later, the man, or at least the activities under his pseudonym, disappear purely and simply Web. Since then, the wildest rumors circulate.
At least a dozen individuals were in turn designated as having invented the famous cryptocurrency.
But the riddle has never been solved. And maybe never will be…

What is certain is that Satoshi Nakamoto left only a few traces on the Web.
On the forum Bitcointalk.org, which he is the initiator, he claims to have been born in Japan on April 5, 1975, having started his work in 2007 and created the first bitcoins in 2009.
He assures to have spent more than a year writing its software, in order to offer citizens an alternative to the abuses of the world of finance. The message will fly quickly.

Bitcoin in 3 dates:

2008: announcement of the birth of bitcoin.
January 12, 2009: First bitcoin transaction between Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney.
October 5, 2009: first estimate of the value: 1 bitcoin = $ 0.001. today, 1 bitcoin = $ 6,500, beginning of November 2018.


The Satoshi Nakamoto wallet

Like anyone who wants to send Bitcoins, receive Bitcoins or just store and secure the Bitcoins you bought, you need a Bitcoin wallet and BTC address.

How much Bitcoin does Satoshi Nakamoto have?

Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet, we talk about it because it is Satoshi’s Bitcoin wallet and it contains roughly 1 million Bitcoins tokens!
Yes, a million Bit coins sleep on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin wallet and they have not moved in years.
Which brings the question if Satoshi Nakamoto is still alive because only him can have access to this million Bitcoins.
If Satoshi Nakamoto is dead, these Bitcoins are lost forever, Billions of Dollars in Bitcoin BTC!

It should be known that there is not a single BTC address associated with Satoshi Nakamoto but thousands and all these Bitcoin BTC addresses related to Satoshi Nakamoto gather a million Bitcoins.
A lot of people look for Satoshi Nakamoto 1 million bitcoins address but there are many BTC adresses.

Read our article on how to have a Bitcoin address.

A fortune in Bitcoins

How much Bitcoin does the creator have?

How much is Satoshi Nakamoto worth?

At this time, he is the only “minor”, that is to say, creator of this cryptocurrency, on the secure network called the blockchain.

He could have amassed a huge amount of bitcoins.
At the time, all that was not worth much. But today, some experts believe that Satoshi Nakamoto would own a stock of about 980,000 bitcoins.
That’s a fortune of nearly $ 6.4 billion (early November 2018, about 5.5 billion euros), if he came to sell its supposed reserves.

At the end of 2010, he announced his withdrawal from the project and appointed the American developer Gavin Andresen as responsible for the development of bitcoin.

A graduate of the prestigious Princeton University, the latter is among those who have been suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto.
Officially, Gavin Andresen communicated on the Internet with the mysterious pseudonym from the first days of bitcoin, without knowing his true identity.
This summer 2018, a journalist from the ZyCrypto site said, stylometry methods (comparison of writing styles) to support, that the two were one. But the interested party denied.

Looking for Satoshi Nakamoto

In 2014, the American magazine Newsweek claimed to have discovered the identity of the father of bitcoin. According to the journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman, retired engineer and programmer, Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, living in a small suburban Los Angeles lodge, would have confirmed that he was the inventor of the virtual currency: “I am no longer involved and I can not talk about it. It’s now in the hands of other people.
“Overnight, the man finds himself in the eye of the media storm. Journalists camp in front of his house.

In the end, the Japanese-American nit to go on the set of the Associated Press to deny.
A few days later, the sentence “I’m not Dorian Nakamoto” is posted by the same profile that had announced the birth of bitcoin five years ago, reviving the “treasure hunt”.

Also present in the early days of virtual currency, Hal Finney is the first to receive a transaction in bitcoins.
In the documentary Banking on Bitcoin by Christopher Cannucciari, Wired journalist Andy Greenberg says he received an anonymous e-mail revealing Hal Finney, a genius developer, living less than 4 kilometers from Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto.

The genius programmer has a profile that could match: “He is the second person to have used bitcoin, received the first transaction in this virtual currency, worked on a prototype of anonymous monetary system (…), so how is it possible that he never collaborated with Nakamoto?
Or maybe he was the real creator of bitcoin and therefore Nakamoto?
“He asks. Reached by Charcot’s disease, the man died in 2014.
“The time when his physical abilities were beginning to diminish is roughly the same as that when Nakamoto began to disappear. Strange coincidence, “speculates the journalist.

Theories are not lacking

Another key player in the saga and precursor of bitcoin, Nick Szabo is also in the line of sight of those who seek the trace of Nakamoto.
A graduate of the University of Washington, computer scientist and cryptographer, the man imagined the Gold Bit – one of the first attempts to create a decentralized digital currency in 1998.
This system never came into existence, but such similarities with bitcoin “that it is hard not to think that Nick is perhaps Satoshi”, underlines Gavin Andresen, in the documentary Banking on Bitcoin.
Stylometric studies have shown similarities between the writings of Nakamoto and Nick Szabo.
The latter also denied, but he never revealed his exchanges with Sakamoto to dispel doubts.

In May 2016, an Australian computer scientist, Craig Wright, tried to convince him that he himself was Sakamoto… before retracting.
He was also sentenced in court for falsifying documents to pretend being the real Satoshi Nakamoto, read our article about this court decision and fake satoshi.

Faced with this intertwining of tracks, some say that Satoshi Nakamoto would not be a person, but several individuals: a duet between Hal Finney to the programming and Nick Szabo to the design of the system.
Or maybe a collective of computer scientists cypherpunks (or punk cryptography).

The crisis that has hit dematerialized currencies since early 2018, after a record year 2017, has perhaps for the moment diverted the attention of bitcoin fans from this manhunt.
By mid-September, virtual currency had lost more than 60% of its value against the dollar in comparison with January of the same year.

Would Bitcoin’s difficulties push Satoshi Nakamoto, or those behind his name, to reveal his identity in broad daylight? This summer, a netizen claiming to be Nakamoto posted a 21-page text, presenting it as an excerpt from a forthcoming book on the origins of bitcoin…

The invisible cryptomania

The mysterious creator of bitcoin has left little trace and the few clues are often encrypted: his date of birth, 1975, would be a reference to the year of restoration of the right to own gold in the United States.

So, we might never know who is Satoshi Nakamoto…

Only clear element, a document of nine pages, in perfect English, which describes in detail the functioning of the virtual currency.

You can read the Bitcoin White Paper here: Click Here.