How To Make Money With Automated Crypto Trading

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How To Make Money With Automated Crypto Trading

Crypto trading bots and Bitcoin robots are more and more popular among traders as technology allows them to use smart trading bots associated sometimes with artificial intelligence (AI crypto trading bots).

So, how to make money with a Bitcoin trading bot?

Earning money is generally the goal of trading activity, whether it is trading classic stocks like Apple, Amazon, Google or Tesla but also for cryptocurrency trading like Bitcoin or Ethereum which is booming with the adoption of blockchain technology in particular.

Until now, each trader had to follow his trading activity, monitor stock prices and the stock market in general, in order to place his buy or sell orders at the most opportune times.

This means being as much time in front of a computer or smartphone screen as you watch for market movement.


The arrival of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin did not help matters, on the contrary, trading cryptocurrencies is even more time takin than trading traditional stocks because the crypto market never stops!
24/7, trading BTC, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies never stops.

This has the advantage, however, that a trader can therefore also trade cryptocurrency permanently when he wants, there is no weekend for cryptocurrency trading.

To make life easier for traders looking to make money by trading cryptocurrency, technology is coming to the rescue of traders with ever smarter and better trading robots.
When you sleep or are busy, the trading bot works for you and watches over the market ready to place your already configured orders.

Automated crypto trading is growing rapidly thanks in particular to the appearance of new modern automatic crypto trading platforms such as Kryll or 3commas.

Like any trading market that started after the launch of Bitcoin, automated cryptocurrency trading was very basic at the beginning and mainly dealed only with Bitcoin BTC trading via a crypto trading bot or a Bitcoin robot.
This also required computer skills to configure these crypto bots like Haasbot or cryptotrader.

How to make money with automated cryptocurrency trading?

Become a cryptocurrency trader

If you don’t have trading knowledge, just get started and learn the basics of trading in order to perfect yourself in cryptocurrency trading.
The automated crypto trading platforms offer tutorials on indicators such as RSI, Bollinger, MACD, etc.
In addition, you can train for free on these automated crypto trading platforms to see if your trading strategies are working before going into real mode.
See the free tutorials available for users of the Kryll platform in particular.

You can also rent the trading strategies by professional crypto traders which are made available on platforms like Kryll, 3commas or Cryptohopper.
With copy trading or social trading, the crypto bot will copy the selling or buying orders of the professional trader and place these orders on your account.

If you already have traditional stock trading skills, you can easily apply your trading knowledge to cryptocurrency trading.

Macd, bollinger bands, RSI, Ichimoku, you will find the same indicators as in traditional trading.

Thanks to automated crypto trading, you will be able to configure your buy and sell orders in your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, EOS, Tezos XTZ trading strategies, etc…

You just need to choose a crypto bot or a Bitcoin robot that suits you according to your expectations from a technical point of view, graphical interface or technical support provided by the different platforms of automated crypto trading that exist.

You can also rent your crypto trading strategies to other traders to earn passive income by using your crypto trading strategies.
Platforms like Kryll have a marketplace where a trader can rent his best crypto trading strategies and easily make a passive income from other users.

Rent a crypto trading strategy

Whether you are already a confirmed trader, a beginner or a novice, it is possible to earn money through automated cryptocurrency trading by renting the strategies of other crypto traders.

If you have trading skills, you can analyze the crypto trading strategy made available by a professional trader and see if it suits you based on your trading knowledge.

If you don’t have crypto trading skills, you can look at the results posted by the trading strategies for rent and see which ones are winning and performing.
You only have to click to select a crypto trading strategy that you want to copy to your account, everything is automatic.

You can therefore benefit from the skills of a professional crypto trader and earn money by copying the orders he places on his account, which are also placed on your account on Kryll, 3commas or another automated crypto trading platform which offers social trading or copy trading.


Whether you have trading knowledge or not, it is possible to make money with automatic cryptocurrency trading.

If you are already a skilled trader, you just have to choose the crypto bot or the Bitcoin Robot that suits you and configure your automated crypto trading strategies.
You can also rent your crypto trading strategies in order to earn passive income.

If you don’t already have trading knowledge, you can learn and train on automated crypto trading platforms like Kryll or 3commas, it’s free as long as you don’t go into real mode.
You can improve your skills in crypto trading before going into real mode and earn money thanks to the crypto bots and Bitcoin robots which will place orders for you.

Finally, you can also rent automated crypto trading strategies from professional traders who provide their skills and their best crypto trading strategies.
The crypto trading bot will copy the professional trader’s buy and sell orders to your account, making money with crypto copy trading.

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