Kryll offers 50% discount on its Bitcoin bots and crypto trading bots fees

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Kryll offers 50% discount on its Bitcoin bots and crypto trading bots fees

For a week, the automated crypto trading platform Kryll offers a 50% discoun on its crypto trading bots fees.

Specialized in automated trading for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Ripple, Link, WTC, EOS, etc.), Kryll offers a 50% discount from April 16 to 23, 2020.

A rebate that applies to any automated trading strategy on the platform in real mode on the crypto markets.
Tests and backtesting are free and unlimited on the platform.

In these times of coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis and quarantine of the population, Bitcoin trading is on the rise as well as automatic trading with crypto trading bots like on Kryll.

If you don’t know automated cryptocurrency trading, you can see our tutorial guide: click here.


Automated cryptocurrency trading lets a Bitcoin robot do the work for you, whether you’re a professional trader or new to crypto trading.

A professional trader can create his trading strategies and run them while he is busy with something else.

A beginner trader or someone without trading skills but wishing to benefit from these high-performance crypto bots will be able to rent a trading strategy on the Kryll marketplace in order to do copy trading or social trading.

Professional traders rent their trading strategies to traders and users who do not have the time or skills to create one.
So, in a few clicks, you install on your account a trading strategy ready to work, you have nothing else to do.

Automated trading for Bitcoin and crypto currencies is growing thanks to modern crypto trading bots that are now available on the crypto trading platforms like Kryll.

If you want to benefit from the 50% discount on the crypto trading bots fees, just open a free account: click here to take advantage of this offer.