Brave Browser user base increases by 10% per month says CEO Brendan Eich

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Brave Browser user base increases by 10% per month says CEO Brendan Eich

Brave Browser user base increases by 10% per month says CEO Brendan Eich.

Discussing the adoption of the Brave browser by Internet users, the CEO of Brave and Basic Attention Token (BAT) announced on Twitter encouraging figures for this new web browser that focus on the confidentiality of user data.

10% increase of its user base per month is clearly a nice score that indicates that other web browsers are losing market share like Chrome, Firefox, etc…

Brendan Eich who is not just anyone in the tech world, he is the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and the creator of JavaScript, just that.

The Brave web browser is therefore in good hands to conquer market share and become one of the most important web browsers.
It will first have to catch up with Chrome which is Google’s browser and the market leader.
Microsoft Internet Explorer has basically disappeared, Microsoft had even said it would not be updated and it was better not to use it anymore…


Brave builds a web browser for crypto-currencies and blockchain technology in order to achieve massive adoption of its browser but also the use of cryptocurrencies.

In a recent article, we were talking about the adoption rate of the Brave browser on Android in Japan.
Brave browser who is the most downloaded web browser in Japan on Android!

In terms of adoption by the general public, the Brave browser and the BAT token (Basic Attention Token) are positioned very well whether for the data protection of users while using the Brave browser or the important role played by the BAT token which allows people to tip content publishers on Twitter, Reddit, Vimeo, Widipedia, etc…

A user can make a donation in BAT tokens to reward the author of an article, a video.
A new way for content publishers to be paid for their work when Facebook or Twitter do not pay anything to people who write or create content on social media, these companies earning billions of dollars in advertising every day.

Brave browser and the BAT Token (Basic Attention Token) intend to change this model thanks to blockchain technology and decentralization.

A user can also be paid to watch the ads he agrees to see, he is paid in BAT tokens.

The figures announced by the CEO of Brave are not surprising and should accelerate as cryptocurrency become more and more popular.

The Brave browser will even integrate an Ethereum wallet soon.