Who is Brendan Eich co-founder of Brave and the BAT token?

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Who is Brendan Eich co-founder of Brave and the BAT token
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Who is Brendan Eich co-founder of Brave and the BAT token?

You may have heard recently about Brendan Eich and in particular about the Basic Attention Token crypto project, its BAT token and the Brave browser.
Or have you heard about these projects and wondered who created Brave and the BAT token (Basic Attention Token)?

The Brave browser is becoming increasingly popular especially for its features focused on the protection of user data or the fact that it completely blocks any advertising you do not want to see!

Let’s see who is Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich is not only related to the BAT token and the Brave web browser, he is also behind other well-known computer and internet technologies he created before focusing today on Brave and the BAT token!


Javascript creator in 1995, he also worked on the Netscape browser at the same time when he created the JavaScript technology that is well known and used on websites.

Co-founder of Mozilla in 1998, Mozilla is the editor of the famous Firefox web browser, the main competitor of Chrome, Google’s web browser.

Co-founder of Brave and the BAT token in 2016 with an ICO in 2017 that raised funds to develop the crypto project for the Brave web browser and the BAT token that work together.

Brendan Eich is a genius in computer development if we look at his already impressive track record of innovative and popular computer and Internet products that he has created or launched these last thirty years.

Brendan Eich is currently the CEO of Brave and makes sure to make the Brave browser one of the leading web browsers with Chrome and Firefox.
Little by little, Brave is more and more used on pc, Mac and mobile (Android and IOS).

Brave is very popular especially in Asia like we mentioned in an article about Brave in Japan.

The BAT Token (Basic Attention Token) also begins to make a name for itself because it allows to pay internet users who will watch advertisements they have chosen.
The BAT token will also pay  content publishers for their content on Twitter, Reddit, Vimeo, etc…

This revolutionary and disruptive crypto project aims to disrupt the current model where publishers of content on social media are never paid while companies like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter make billions of dollars in advertising.

The project and ambition of Brendan Eich with his open source browser Brave and the BAT token (Basic Attention Token) are to put the internet user and the content publishers in the center of the activity of the web browser by rewarding those who create the content and those who generate the advertising revenue on the internet by sharing the income with them!