The Brave browser pays users to watch ads!

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The Brave browser pays users to watch ads

The Brave browser pays users to watch ads!

Finally, the Brave browser has entered the second phase of its Ads Developer Channel Preview, which means it will start rewarding users who see platform ads with the Basic Attention Token Token (BAT).

According to Brave, only users who opt for the developer version, an experimental version of the less stable browser, will be rewarded for displaying ads.
During the first phase of the Ads Developer Channel Preview, they discovered that users were linked to the ads being displayed.
Now, in this new phase, they will be rewarded for their attention:

“The second phase offers users symbolic rewards for their attention and presents Brave’s anonymous but responsible brand reports.”

Earlier this year, it started testing ads that appear as pop-up notification windows for users who choose to participate.
Now, seeing or clicking on ads will reward users.


Brave is set to pay back 70% of revenue from these ads.
Its founder, Brendan Eich, expects users to earn “at least $ 5 a month” in BAT.

Another function of Brave is that, by default, the tokens that users earn are sent to the websites they visit based on the time they spend there.
However, in the future, they will be configured to be removed from the browser’s wallet.
Brave also allows users to tip in BAT tokens.

BAT, an ERC-20 token, is the cornerstone of what is supposed to be a new type of ecosystem in which users will see advertising on a voluntary basis.
Brave thus facilitates the direct connection between users and advertisers.
An important step for the platform especially that BAT was chosen by Coinbase pro to integrate this very popular exchange.

The concept of Basic Attention Token and remunerating users is the basis of what crypto movement is.
To give back some power to users who allow companies to earn a lot of money without ever paying anything like Facebook or Twitter for example.

Even if Facebook is free, it earns billions of Dollars thanks to the content created and generated by users while Facebook never gives anything back to all these users who allow it to earn these astronomical sums.
Not to mention the use of their personal data, etc…

Basic Attention Token wants to reverse this model and pay back a large part of the income to those who really generate these revenues, the users!

The problem of course is to change people’s habits who are already on Chrome, Firefox, etc…
But paying users could gradually win the public’s interest.

One day, the public gradually began using Netscape then Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.
People’s habits change over time, their tastes too.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency could revolutionize these habits and switch users from Chrome or Firefox to the Brave browser!

The near future will tell at a time when crypto projects are starting to take shape like this Brave navigator, the bear market has allowed projects to get the job done (Mybit, Enjin, Kryll,…)
So maybe we’ll see the new Facebook, Chrome soon.