Bitcoin trading bots take on video games, interview with Paul Lindsell, Quazard founding CEO

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Bitcoin trading bots take on video games, interview with Paul Lindsell, Quazard founding CEO

Last month, we talked about an original contest organized by bitFlyer with the company Quazard, creator of the crypto trading game Botwars.
A crypto trading competition that gave away 3,200 euros.

The originality of this video game being that the player must build an army of crypto trading bots in order to conquer cryptocurrency markets.

Bitcoin trading bots are becoming more and more popular with professional and novice traders as we have seen in many articles.

A fun, educational and very well done video game that allows you to play along with trading Bitcoin and crypto, in a futuristic universe.

We wanted to know more about this Botwars game and its crypto bots, as well as Quazard, the company that created this video game that you can download on iOS and Android.


Quazard founding CEO Paul Lindsell answered our questions and tell us more about how this cryptocurrency trading video game was created!

Your game Botwars involves trading and especially crypto trading bots, how did you get into bot trading games and crypto?

We learnt a lot about traders in the crypto space and met some incredible traders while working on an algorithmic crypto trading platform in 2016 to 2018.
It was clear that everyone and anyone bought into the dream of ‘making money while you sleep’ via trading bots, but the harsh reality was that very few of them actually worked and those that did require a huge amount of domain and technical expertise.

It was these learnings that triggered the idea of gamifying trading and teaching users how to trade and use bots via game based learning.

How did I get into crypto? Well, I Initially spent a hundred on Bitcoin in late 2015 on a friend’s recommendation, as an investment, I paid very little attention to what was going on in the space, lost a few percent and stupidly sold within months.

Could you explain to the audience what your games are about and what players can expect to find?

We are primarily focused on beginner trades and newbies, as our aim is to educate them about trading and instill some risk management strategies through game based learning in a safe demo environment.

However, we have also been conscious to create appeal for a wider, more experienced trader audience as well.

Botwars Crypto Trading is a mobile trading app that give players a fun way to make money and learn a little bit about trading styles, risk and order management.

We have studied the trading journey and broken that down into gamified elements. Different robots are different trading styles such as manual, signal and algo. Weapons are different order types such as market, limit, scaled, OCO. Ammunition is the leverage and we currently go upto 100x. And shields are stop losses or safeties.

You configure your robots and deploy them into battle, with the real market movement determining the outcome of the battles.

If your take profit target are reached, then you’ve won that battle. However, if your stoploss kicks in because the battle went against you, then there is a repair time and cool down period to stop you over trading.

All players start at level 1, and as you play you earn experience points and use these to level up your characters and weapons. The more you play the more you can do, the more risk you take on, the bigger the orders you make and you can use higher leverage.

So it all maps to a progressive learning and risk management experience.

We’ve layered that up with trading clans, so you player with other people. We have given each player an achievement tree so they have a progressive learning experience. Daily and monthly missions where you can challenge yourself.

And we’re building an internal marketplace where players will be able to access live trading signals, sentiment and other boosters to place better more informed trades and stand a better chance of winning.

We’re also working on player vs player games and clan vs clan battles, where players stake tokens to enter the battle and the winner takes all. This is going to be so much fun and really test the skill so individuals and groups of players.

botwars crypto trading game

Do you know what kind of people play with Botwars? Are they young people who enjoy games, or traders, or crypto fans?

We have total newbies to trading that are learning the ropes. We also have hodlers from 2017 getting stuck in and learning technical indicators and how to read charts.
Plus we have regular Bitmex traders leading clans and showing how to master 100x leverage. Primarily 25-35 year old males.

The design in BotWars is very well done, is everything done with your team? How many people are on the team?

Thanks, we’re proud of what we’ve created for our users. Our team consists of three main players in User Experience design, User Interface design and a mobile game and apps developer.
We have some added help from a super cool illustrator who loves to draw robots, but other than that, everything is done inhouse.

What is your business model?

At the moment Botwars is free to play.
We offer in app purchases which enable players to speed up their progression and access additional intel to inform their trades.

There are also some rewarded video adverts, so players get something free and we get the advert revenue.

We are working on the integration of real money trading, and once this is done will add an additional revenue stream in the model through spreads. But we want to keep spreads low and commission at zero as we want players to win more.

Are you looking for partners to grow your activity and visibility?

Always, for a self funded start up its not easy to grow big audiences and compete with some of the giants in the trading space.
We recently partners with bitFlyer EU on a sponsored trading competition and also working with trading tech company called
So always open to partnerships.

Will your next games also involve crypto trading?

Yes, 100%. We want to make wealth generation a game that anyone can win, and crypto plays a big part in this.

Any advice you would give to an entrepreneur who would like to launch a crypto project?

Be clear on the problem you are solving and why you are solving it.
Don’t listen to the people that knock you down and tell you it will never work, they’re probably just annoyed they didn’t think to solve the same problem.
Go for it, give it everything you’ve got and don’t be afraid to get it wrong. Failure is not trying in the first place.

What is the next game coming up for release at Quazard?

Well, I’d like to keep that somewhat in stealth for now.
But I can say that we are looking into a variety of concepts including city builders, trading card collectibles and multiplayer space shooters.
As well as some gamified trading apps that involve Orcs, Elves and Tanks.
So some exciting things are coming for sure.

Thank you very much Paul for all this information about your company and this exciting activity that combines video games and cryptocurrency trading.

If you want to play Botwars, it’s free and available on Apple iOS and Google Android.

Visit the Botwars website for more information.