The crypto betting game, Moonrekt, now accepts bets in Bitcoin (BTC)!

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The crypto betting game, Moonrekt, now accepts bets in Bitcoin (BTC)

The crypto betting game, Moonrekt, now accepts bets in Bitcoin (BTC)!

First, what is Moonrekt?

Moon Rekt is a crypto currency betting game that gives you two options.

MOON – The price will go up.
REKT – The price will go down.

Moon meaning to go on the moon so, expression very widespread in English, to the moon, to indicate the price of a crypto going up a lot.
And Rekt is like something that is broken, the price falls.


Hxro, which publishes the game Moonrekt, is a crypto gaming platform that merges digital currency trading with the skill-based social game.

In the new game-based format of Hxro, players compete in timed competitions of varying lengths, testing their skills in the cryptography markets.

Hxro was co-founded by Rob Levy, Dan Gunsberg and Lawrence Richardson, three veterans of the financial sector who previously traded in the world’s largest derivatives markets.
The platform was launched in beta in January 2019 to offer a new way to play in the crypto currency market and offer an easy game to learn about cryptocurrency while competing with others in a fun and interactive environment. .

Until now in a beta phase and rather in test than anything else, the platform had reached 37,000 players who can play with free tokens.

From now on, it will be possible to bet with real Bitcoin and thus win or lose bets on the platform.

After attracting and seducing players in free mode, Moonrekt goes into real bet mode where players will be able to bet money or rather real Bitcoins!

A bit like many addictive online games like Candy Crush, these games live on the low percentage of players willing to pay for premium features or to actually make money as in the present case by betting Bitcoin on bets.
Sometimes people say that Bitcoin is a casino game, well, here it is.

You bet on the rise or fall in the price of Bitcoin. This game can be fun and addictive if you like cryptocurrency!

“As professional traders, we want to create a platform that mimics the high energy experience in the world’s largest derivatives exchanges,” said Rob Levy, president and co-founder of Hxro.

“Our goal is to eventually become the pre-eminent alternative site for playing cryptocurrency, and we plan to add additional token protocols as demand grows to critical mass,” said Dan Gunsberg, CEO of Hxro, in a communicated.

The team also plans to launch a game simulating the construction of a portfolio, called MUHBAGS.

The future will tell us if betting Bitcoin (BTC) managed to seduce and attract more players on Moonrekt.