Mozilla adds cryptocurrency anti-mining protection to Firefox!

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Mozilla adds cryptocurrency anti-mining protection to Firefox

Mozilla adds cryptocurrency anti-mining protection to Firefox.

Mozilla will include a new feature to protect its users on the Web in the new version of Firefox.
Currently, this version is already available in Firefox 67 Beta mode and in the night version of Firefox 68, and in a few weeks, it will reach all homes of its users.

In this sense, Mozilla will include cryptocurrency and fingerprint locks, just as it has already added anti-tracking locks in the current version of Firefox.
For this, the company has partnered with Disconnect to include scripts that prevent the browser from downloading dangerous content.

In principle, both locks will be disabled by default, but users can activate them simply by clicking on the browser settings in the “privacy and security” category.

Mozilla has stated that these configurations will be enabled by default in future night-time versions of Firefox 68, for users who are more concerned with safe surfing.


The company also revealed that users would be able to know if these options are enabled simply by clicking on the shield in the browser’s address bar.
In addition, they revealed that you can exclude websites from these blocks by clicking on the same toolbar.

“Fingerprinting” is a method used by advertising agencies to identify users based on a number of factors, such as the type of browser they use, the fonts installed on the computer, the system of exploitation, etc…

In this sense, some websites also use cryptocurrency mining scripts to use unused computer resources to mine Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), and other crypto-currencies.
These scripts are automatically activated as soon as a user accesses these sites.

That’s why these Firefox locks will help create a much safer user experience for even the most naive people who have no interest or exposure to the crypto world.