Jordan Belfort, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Predicts $100,000 Bitcoin Price

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Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street, Predicts $100,000 Bitcoin Price

Like some major US banks, Jordan Belfort, aka “The Wolf of Wall Street”, has also changed his mind about Bitcoin BTC.

Like JPMorgan who designated Bitcoin as a fraud, the famous Wall Street trader predicted in 2017 the end of BTC.

Times have changed, institutional investors are buying Bitcoin en masse and the Wolf of Wall Street has therefore revised its copy to finally declare that Bitcoin has advantages over stocks, such as its limited supply, which could allow the cryptocurrency to reach a price of 100,000 dollars.

His words are reported in an interview in Fortune, Jordan Belfort admits he was wrong about the number 1 cryptocurrency in the market.

Jordan Belfort gained international fame following Martin Scorsese‘s remarkable film The Wolf of Wall Street, in which the famous trader is masterfully portrayed by Leonardo di Caprio.


A trader with a sulphurous reputation, Jordan Belfort did not see the success of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies coming.

In 2017, Bitcoin was an ideal way to launder money, he said, and that governments would eventually step in to ban it altogether.

But the reverse is happening today with this tidal wave of institutional investors and big companies like Tesla buying BTC by billions of dollars.

It’s never too late to change your mind, which is what Jordan Belfort has just done, he shares his prediction of a Bitcoin price at the $100,000 level in the future.

A Bitcoin price currently around $54,682 on Kraken.