With Dogecoin Price Exploding, Binance Adds Euro Trading Pair For DOGE

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With Dogecoin Price Exploding, Binance Adds Euro Trading Pair For DOGE

There are always surprises in this highly speculative crypto market, so the impressive rise in the Dogecoin (DOGE) price surprises many people.

A price of the Dogecoin token that went up 700% on Binance.

Faced with the renewed success of this mythical altcoin in the crypto market, Binance adds a DOGE/EUR euro trading pair, as well as a DOGE/TRY Turkish lira trading pair, at 12:00 PM (UTC).

With this surprising success, the demand for the DOGE token has logically increased, adding a euro trading pair for Dogecoin thus makes it easier to buy it on the trading platform.

This also makes it possible to trade directly in euro for traders who like trading this cryptocurrency, whether in manual or automatic mode with crypto trading bots like Kryll.


With this surprising price increase, the Dogecoin price has entered the top 10 of the most important cryptocurrencies, unbelievably as it sounds, the market decides.

With its friendly dog ​​icon, this altcoin has won over many individuals who appreciate its playfulness, it can also be used for sending funds and money just as Bitcoin BTC or Litecoin LTC can do for example.

It’s also Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency who talks about it often on his Twitter account, an ad that never goes unnoticed thanks to his millions of followers.

The rise in the Dogecoin price is often the signal for the start of the alt season, attracting many buyers, so other cryptocurrencies that have a small marketcap could also take advantage of this interest in the many altcoins that were dormant.

While the price of Bitcoin peaked earlier this month at $42,000, many investors are instead looking to buy coins that are cheaper and have upside potential.

Dogecoin is positioned as one of the favorite tokens of the crypto community, its price increase reflects this perfectly.

If you want to buy Dogecoin, all you need is an account on Binance: click here.