Satoshi Nakamoto is already dead according to Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes

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Satoshi Nakamoto is already dead according to Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes

Satoshi Nakamoto is already dead according to Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes.

Quoted by Bloomberg, Arthur Hayes, CEO of Bitmex who recently confirmed his prediction of a Bitcoin (BTC) to $20,000 soon, also answered a question asked about the revelation of the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

CEO of Bitmex at Asian Milken Institute Summit in Singapore.

Arthur Hayes replies that he thinks he’s already dead, he says:

“I think they’re already dead”


Thoughts that are only binding on Arthur Hayes and may just be his personal convictions as there are no proven fact proving that Satoshi Nakamoto would indeed be dead.
His silence and absence on social networks clearly bring up this question beyond his real identity.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin who can be a person or a group of people, remains an enigma whose identity has never been revealed.
There is also a Bitcoin wallet with 1 million Bitcoin tokens that has never moved, which actually raises the question if Satoshi Nakamoto is still alive.
And if so, why would he never have used those 1 million Bitcoins that are worth billions of dollars today!

The only person claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto is Craig Wright who seems to have actually been in contact with Satoshi Nakamoto or this group of people but who falsified documents to claim the identity of the creator of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Other interesting aspects of the discussion with Arthur Hayes on the development of crypto and finance.
“Digital finance is going to end up affecting everything from traditional equities, bond and currency trading, to the way payments are processed and recorded.”

According to the CEO of Bitmex, if cryptocurrencies are exchanged 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the current financial market will have to adapt to these new standards.
“Some of the practices in our market are going to be mimicked in traditional trading”

“All these things about being somewhere and trading something and physically reconciling records is all going to go out the window”

“Once you get away from that and understand that everything will be digital in the next 10 years, you realize”

It is certain that crypto trading is disrupting many habits in traditional stock trading.
Just the fact that crypto exchanges work 7/7 all around the world!

Crypto exchanges are a bit like tomorrow’s stock market, even if today they only negotiate projects or assets that are still speculative and have no real value.

The changes will be made in the years to come, the recent intervention of the FED which injected tens of billions of dollars in the American economy hints at a dark future for the current financial market which could thus switch into a complete digital trading system as Arthur Hayes says.