Samsung invests 2.6 million Euros into Crypto Wallet Leader Ledger!

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Samsung invests 2.6 million Euros into Crypto Wallet Leader Ledger

Samsung invests 2.6 million Euros into Crypto Wallet Leader Ledger!

According to an information posted on a French News Website,, the South Korean electronics giant has invested in the crypto startup of Vierzon.

Ledger is the world leader in external hardware crypto wallets including the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X.

Capital says it has been able to consult documents indicating that Samsung participated in the last round of Ledger.
Ledger would then be valued at 260 million Euros.

The magazine contacted Ledger CEO Eric Larcheveque, who declined to comment on the information but confirmed the information revealed by the business newspaper.
The CEO of Ledger mentions in particular that the two partners are not yet ready to communicate on the subject.
We will wait for an official statement from the two companies on this subject even though they seem to have been taken by surprise with the information already leaked in the press.


But after the article was published, Ledger’s CEO had to comment on the matter with this tweet:

Samsung, the electronics giant has already announced that it was working on an internal blockchain project, see our article today:
Samsung is apparently preparing the launch of a Samsung Coin.

This shows the growing interest of major industrial groups for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
Joining the world leader in external secured crypto wallets makes perfect sense knowing that Samsung has started to integrate a crypto wallet into its new smartphone the Samsung S10.

The future of crypto wallets will grow with smartphones, most people will want to have their crypto on their smartphone but this implies the need for a significant level of security to avoid crypto wallets piracy on smartphones.
There is also clearly a market for external crypto wallets, as pointed out by Eric Larchevêque, for those who want to store their cryptocurrency on a support detached from the internet and not on a computer or a smartphone.

As soon as cryptocurrencies will go mainstream on smartphones, hackers of all kinds will jump on these new prey to steal their cryptocurrency.

One of the leaders in smartphone partnering with a leader in secured crypto wallets makes perfect sense.

Ledger has gained experience and expertise that nobody has on this market, so the roles are complementary.

Sirin recently launched a smartphone with a secured crypto wallet, the Finney phone, but will a small smartphone company be able to deal with giants like Samsung who are actually integrating crypto wallets into their smartphones?

Competition will be tough on the smartphone market integrating cryptocurrency wallets as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become more and more accessible for the general public!
Samsung can even become a crypto exchange itself by allowing its customers to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies directly from their Samsung smartphone.