Paxos would be the crypto broker PayPal will use to integrate Bitcoin BTC trading

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Paxos would be the crypto broker PayPal will use to integrate Bitcoin BTC trading

Is PayPal on the verge of launching its cryptocurrency offer for its 300 million users worldwide?

Previously, rumors had emerged about the imminent launch of a cryptocurrency purchasing service through the Paypal platform.

Sources told Coindesk that Paxos was chosen by Paypal to provide this service of buying and selling Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

If the cryptocurrencies are not specified for the moment, Bitcoin BTC will probably be part of it and perhaps a panel of a few other important cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) or Ripple XRP.

However, the sources also indicate that Paypal could make an official announcement within the week!


If this is the case, then we should expect tremors in the crypto market if the giant of electronic payment officially confirms that you can buy Bitcoin with Paypal.

To Buy Bitcoin with Paypal or convert Bitcoin to Paypal is still only possible on a few sites like Etoro for example.

Giving access to Bitcoin to its 300 million users would be a catalyst for the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
This is news that many are therefore waiting for because Paypal is an online payment giant known around the world.

Paypal does not want to miss the Bitcoin train, the company understands that it is necessary to integrate the buying and selling of Bitcoin which is increasingly popular around the world.

Without forgetting DeFi decentralized finance, which is also gradually beginning to overshadow traditional finance.

It remains to be seen whether Paypal will confirm the statements of these sources and announce that you can now buy Bitcoin with Paypal.

The broker Paxos has the advantage of offering an API-based solution, which thus facilitates the deployment of crypto services for companies, in order to buy, sell, hold and send Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, while managing regulatory compliance aspects.

Paypal would therefore very easily integrate the purchase, sale and holding of Bitcoin for its 300 million users, without having to worry about the technical, administrative and regulatory management of such a service.

Paxos actually holds a license from New York State, the crypto broker is a qualified depositary, legally authorized to hold gold and digital assets such as bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) on behalf of investors institutional.

The crypto friendly bank Revolut has already integrated the crypto brokerage service of Paxos.

A Bitcoin price which for the moment is still very stable around $9,200.