New Bitcoin ATMs in Paris

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New Bitcoin ATMs in Paris

If France has few Bitcoin ATMs in France out of the 7000 in the world, new Bitcoin ATMs have appeared in Paris and the Paris suburb.

If there was already the Coinhouse store whose parent company is Ledger, the company behind the crypto wallet Ledger Nano X, there are therefore new Bitcoin ATMs in Paris and in the suburbs.

Taxi Phone, 5 Boulevard Ornano 75018 Paris

Replay Jussieu, 6 Rue des Écoles 75005 Paris

Vapes Room Aubergenville, Rue de Quarante Sous 78410 Aubergenville


Vapes Room Asnières, 108 Rue des Bourguignons 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine

Vapes Room Wallace Puteaux, 38 Boulevard Richard Wallace 92800 Puteaux

Bitcoin ATMs often located in stores and therefore allow you to buy or sell Bitcoin BTC and often some other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Dash.

French legislation is difficult and strict regarding the installation of a Bitcoin ATM, particularly due to the risks of money laundering.
A Bitcoin ATM allows you to sell or buy Bitcoin anonymously, without identity verification or KYC as on a classic crypto exchange.

So good news with these new Bitcoin ATMs in France and more specifically in Paris.

There are other Bitcoin ATMs in France and around the world, see our guide how to find a Bitcoin ATM.