How to buy Bitcoin anonymously?

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How to buy Bitcoin anonymously

How to buy Bitcoin anonymously?

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) without identity verification, no KYC and keep your anonymity.

Is there an anonymous Bitcoin card?

Can I open an anonymous Bitcoin account?

Bitcoin is an electronic peer to peer currency, electronic cash which can be exchanged between people just like sending an email.
A Bitcoin address where your Bitcoins are stored is a sequence of numbers and letters often 34 characters long.


So there is no name or way to identify who owns the bitcoins stored on this Bitcoin wallet address.
Bitcoin (BTC) is often considered as financial anonymity but beware, all transactions made on the Bitcoin blockchain can be tracked.
So, if we know who owns a Bitcoin address, we can track where these Bitcoins are going to be sent afterwards.

Being anonymous when it comes to money or Bitcoin can be difficult, governments are chasing tax evasion, money laundering or terrorist financing.
These are valid reasons but the right to privacy or anonymity is also a fundamental right less and less respected in a society where all your deeds and actions are increasingly tracked.

Not to mention the likely disappearance of cash the day when everything will be electronic and monitored in real time.
Bitcoin can be tracked too but there is still a way to buy it anonymously.

To remain anonymous with Bitcoin, you must be anonymous when you buy your first Bitcoins.

So how to buy Bitcoin anonymously?

Create an anonymous Bitcoin wallet.

To open an anonymous Bitcoin wallet, this is very easy as long as you do not use a Bitcoin address where you are already identified as on a crypto exchange like Kraken, Coinbase, etc…

Create a Bitcoin wallet with electrum, very simple and convenient to use, you create your Bitcoin wallet anonymously with

You can then add lots of Bitcoin addresses as you want.

An Electrum Bitcoin wallet will thus be a kind of anonymous Bitcoin account, you create your Bitcoin address where you will store your Bitcoins.
This address allows you to receive Bitcoins that you can buy from a Bitcoin ATM for example or a person who will send you Bitcoin to your Electrum address.

If you want to maximize your anonymity on the internet with Bitcoin, use a VPN that will hide your IP address.
VPN is a secure tunnel inside a network (like the Internet for example).

Buy Bitcoin anonymously.

There are not many ways to buy Bitcoin anonymously.

Buy Bitcoin to a person.

Anonymous Bitcoin

From person to person, you can buy Bitcoin anonymously.
Around you, at work, there may be someone who can sell you Bitcoin.

There was the option Localbitcoins which now asks to identify users, so there is no more anonymity as before…

Otherwise you have the option but the amounts in Bitcoin are limited to a few hundred dollars.

Buy Bitcoin in cash.

How to find a Bitcoin ATM

This is certainly the easiest and most effective way to buy Bitcoin anonymously.
And this is also the best way to sell your Bitcoins anonymously too.

Change your Bitcoins in Dollars and cash.

So you have the option of Bitcoin ATM.

There are thousands of Bitcoin ATMs in the US and around the world.
They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can buy Bitcoin with cash and stay anonymous.
And you can also sell your Bitcoins for cash and remain anonymous too.

Indeed, there is no KYC or identity verification when you use a Bitcoin ATM.
You can buy or sell Bitcoins being anonymous, which is not the case if you buy or sell Bitcoins on many crypto exchanges such as kraken for example.

A Bitcoin ATM is one of the best solutions to buy or sell Bitcoins anonymously, convert your money into Bitcoin or convert your Bitcoins into Dollars and keeping your anonymity.

But how to find a Bitcoin ATM near me?

Read our full article on how to locate a Bitcoin ATM in the US, Europe, England, South America, Mexico, Asia, Japan, Korea, Thailand or worldwide:

You will also learn how to use a Bitcoin ATM and locate a Bitcoin ATM on Google Maps.

So you have here a few solutions to buy Bitcoin anonymously.

Regarding the anonymity of transactions between cryptocurrencies, you can also look at Monero, Dash or Zcoin which are tokens called privacy coins or anonymous cryptocurrency, tokens that guarantee a certain anonymity in transactions made with these private tokens.

The Bitcoin ATM is certainly the best way to buy Bitcoin anonymously without identity verification.

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