How to get Bitcoins for Free?

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You would like to have some Bitcoins and it would be nice to get bitcoins for free.

Bitcoins don’t fall off the sky but there are ways to get some Bitcoins for free.

Is it possible to get Bitcoin for free?

Bitcoin used to be cheap if you could buy it at the beginning, for a few cents.
Now Bitcoin is getting more and more expensive, there will be only 21 million Bitcoins in the world.

Nowadays, one Bitcoin is worth thousands of Dollars! And the price of Bitcoin will keep going up in the years to come!


So how to get Bitcoins for free to avoid paying these thousands of Dollars juste to get one Bitcoin?

There are different ways to get Bitcoins for free, let’s see how to get some Bitcoin for free.

The easiest way to get some bitcoin for free is that some people send you some.
You need a Bitcoin address to receive Bitcoins, you either need to have a Bitcoin wallet and to use the Bitcoin address to store your bitcoins there.
Or the Bitcoin adress from an exchange but it’s better not to leave your Bitcoins on an exchange, it might get hacked someday…

Once you have your Bitcoin address, you can ask people to send you some bitcoin as a donation.
You can for example send us some Bitcoin at this address:

If you have a website, a blog, you can put your Bitcoin deposit address and ask people to send you some free Bitcoin.

Bitcoin gift.

For your birthday gift, christmas gift, etc… Ask for some Bitcoin, it’s a great gift idea for a birthday, christmas, etc…

Get paid in Bitcoins!

Another way to get free Bitcoins is to be paid in Bitcoins for whatever you can do, if you are a freelance professional, ask people to pay you in Bitcoins, its value will grow with time so it’s a good deal to be paid in Bitcoins!

Tips in Bitcoin.

Same idea, get tips in Bitcoin, even if you work in a bar, a restaurant or for any other jobs you might have, ask people to tip you in Bitcoins and not Dollars!
You just need to send them your Bitcoin deposit address and they can tip you in free Bitcoins!

Earn Bitcoins from mining.

You can get Bitcoins with mining but it costs a lot in electricity so it’s not really free unless you can get free electricity to mine Bitcoin with a Nvidia graphic card.

Get free Bitcoin with trading.

One way to get free Bitcoins is with trading but crypto trading is very dangerous as it is very speculative and you could lose your money.
But if you have some money and want to try trading, if Bitcoin price goes up 100% from the price you bought in the first place, you sell to get your cash back and wait for Bitcoin price to retrace 50%.
Then you can buy back Bitcoin and get two Bitcoins with the money you made when it went up in the first place.
So, you get one free Bitcoin.
But this is not financial advice, do your own research first if you want to trade Bitcoin, you are responsible for your decisions and money.

Affiliate Programs.

Some Cryptocurrency exchanges have some referral program and affiliate programs.

If someone signs up with your referral link, you will get a comission in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

Let’s say you sign up with this Binance link , Binance will pay a comission on the fees paid by the new customer on the exchange.
Etoro has one too and probably many other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Sell a product for Bitcoins.

You something for sale, an ebook, a TV, a smartphone, etc…

Sell it for Bitcoins and not fiat. The value of Bitcoin will go up, so why not sell good and services in Bitcoin instead of Dollars.

Just ask people to pay you in Bitcoin, you will get some Bitcoins that will go up in value with time!

Lend your Bitcoins.

Some crypto exchanges like let you lend your Bitcoins or altcoins.

In return, you get a % in interest for the Bitcoins that you lend to other people.
An easy way to get free Bitcoins!

Crypto Airdrops.

When there is a coin fork for example, if you already own a coin, you get free coins sometimes with a fork.
Like the last Bitcoin Cash fork, you get the new Bitcoin SV coin if you already had Bitcoin Cash coins.

Some cryptocurrencies also do airdrops just to give some free coins, like Stellar Lumen, sometimes they give free XLM to people to get their coins more publicity and awareness.

So, airdrops are an easy way to get free bitcoins as you can sell the coins you received in airdrop for Bitcoin! Free Bitcoins!

So, as you see, there a few ways to get free Bitcoins, you just need to think which solution is the easiest for you to get free Bitcoins.
Go over this list and see what you want to try to get some Bitcoin for free!

You can then securely store your free Bitcoins on the best crypto wallet on the market: