Exchange Bitcoin to Paypal

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Exchange Bitcoin to Paypal

If we have already seen in another article that it is possible to buy Bitcoin with Paypal, it is therefore also possible to exchange Bitcoin to paypal.

Just like buying Bitcoin with Paypal can be done on a few websites, the most effective way to convert Bitcoin to paypal is etoro.

One of the only professional sites to offer the Paypal solution to buy or sell Bitcoin with Paypal.

So you can convert Bitcoin to paypal but also convert another cryptocurrency to Paypal too.

How to convert Bitcoin to Paypal?

Simply create an account on Etoro, you can then send your Bitcoins there to convert them to your Paypal account.
It’s also possible to exchange another cryptocurrency to Paypal, Etoro accepts other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin BTC like Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Litecoin, etc…


The Etoro interface is simple to use in order to easily deposit or withdraw money from your account to Paypal.

Buy bitcoin with paypal on etoro

Paypal is a very practical, fast and easy to use solution.
That’s why Etoro has integrated different payment solutions like Paypal to meet the demand of its users and traders who want to be able to buy Bitcoin with Paypal or exchange Bitcoin to Paypal.

A solution to fund Paypal with Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Paypal instant in dollar USD.

More and more people are also using other cryptocurrencies than BTC, converting a cryptocurrency to paypal is therefore also very practical because almost no site allows to use Paypal with Bitcoin.

You can simply open a free account on etoro: click here.

Another option than converting Bitcoin to Paypal is a Bitcoin debit card in order to spend your Bitcoins and crypto currencies in shops, on the internet or withdraw cash from ATMs: click here to see our selection of the best Bitcoin debit cards.