Ethereum (ETH) wants to translate all its resources in 15 languages!

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Ethereum (ETH) wants to translate all its resources in 15 languages

Ethereum (ETH) wants to translate all its resources in 15 languages!

This effort to make the network more accessible, announced yesterday the Ethereum Foundation on its blog:

The foundation says it only focuses on the translation of its website at the moment,, but plans to expand its translations to include “important community resources such as documentation, guides, blog, etc, …»

“Ethereum is a global project, and it is critical that reflect our worldwide community.
Since the website’s relaunch, our team has prioritized organizing a translation program that can ensure resources about Ethereum are accessible to everyone, regardless of their nationality or language.”

The Ethereum website has already been translated in Korean.

Today, we are thrilled to launch our first full translation: a Korean version of the website, available now at


In the coming weeks, our program will expand with an initial focus on completing translations in Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, and Italian. This initial set of languages was chosen based on search volume for Ethereum and related terms, as well as traffic to websites related to Ethereum.”

The translation of the website in Korean was done by a group of translators.

The translation program will combine volunteer translations, Ethereum Foundation project management and professional translation services, as needed, to fill gaps or conduct audits.

We can only welcome the initiative of the Ethereum Foundation.
This should help make Ethereum more accessible outside the English speaking community.

This should help new developers become interested in Ethereum blockchain technology.

Often, developers know more or less how to speak English but this is often not the case in some countries where English is little practiced or difficult to learn as for Asian countries such as Korea precisely, Japan, Thailand, etc…

Gradually, we should see more and more Ethereum resources and documentation translated into new foreign languages.