The best crypto trading bot to trade on FTX Exchange

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The best crypto trading bot to trade on FTX Exchange

FTX Exchange is becoming more and more popular with Bitcoin traders but also and above all with crypto derivatives which FTX Exchange has made its specialty.

Beyond some original products like the Trump 2020 futures contract where you can speculate on the re-election of Donald Trump in the US presidential election, FTX also offers the famous leveraged tokens that allow margin trading on the spot market.

Leverage tokens to speculate up or down on the Bitcoin price, Ethereum but also other cryptocurrencies like Link, Tezos or EOS.

If BTC trading is constantly increasing, so is the use of Bitcoin robots and crypto trading bots, whether by professional traders or by the general public who is increasingly attracted to cryptocurrency trading.

As a result, there are still few crypto trading bots that are compatible with the FTX crypto exchange and therefore allow automated trading on this increasingly used Bitcoin exchange.


So we will see the best crypto bots for automated trading on FTX Exchange.


crypto trading robot FTX leveraged tokens

A leading platform in automated crypto trading, FTX Exchange is one of the crypto exchanges compatible with Bitcoin bots and crypto trading bots on Kryll.

If you don’t know Kryll, you can see our guide: click here.

In order to do automated trading on FTX, you therefore need to have an account open on FTX Exchange and Kryll.
You will then only have to connect your Kryll account with your FTX account using an API key provided on FTX Exchange.

Opening an account on Kryll and FTX is free, you can try the trading bots for free before going into real market mode.
No monthly subscription, you only pay per use.

Kryll also has a marketplace that offers trading strategies for rent to use on FTX exchange.
Just check out the trading strategy offers to see which ones are available for automated trading on FTX.

Crypto trading bots marketplace

There is also a mobile application available on Kryll to follow your strategies on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Other exchanges are also compatible with Kryll trading robots such as  Binance, Binance US, KrakenFTX Exchange, HitBTC, Kucoin, Bittrex, Liquid.

Free technical support, interface is in English, Spanish and French.

Kryll crypto bots are therefore the best trading robots to use on FTX Exchange, Kryll is also first in our ranking of the best crypto trading bot on the market.

You will also find practical guides and tutorials, click here to open a Kryll account.


3commas cryypto trading bot ftx exchange

3commas is another automated trading platform that is well known to traders and whose Bitcoin robots and crypto bots can access FTX trading.

Again, just create an account on 3commas and FTX Exchange and then connect the two accounts using an API key.

The interface is in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian.

3commas is aimed more at professional traders than beginners in order to take control of this automated trading platform.

There is also a marketplace where you can buy trading strategies made available by experienced traders with certainly ready-made strategies for automated trading on FTX Exchange.

Crypto trading strategies marketplace

There is a 3 day free trial otherwise you have to pay a monthly subscription to use 3commas Bitcoin bots and crypto trading bots.

If you want to test and use 3commas trading bots for automated trading on FTX Exchange: click here.


In this guide, you have the best Bitcoin bots and crypto trading bots for automated trading on FTX Exchange.

Kryll is clearly in first place for the quality of its trading bots and interface as well as its free customer support!
Plus, free and unlimited tests and backtests.

Less accessible to beginners, 3commas crypto bots have already proven themselves on the market and therefore allow automated crypto trading on FTX for those who enjoy this reliable and serious platform.

You can test both platforms and see which one best meets your expectations.