Kryll crypto trading bots can now connect to FTX Exchange

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crypto trading robot FTX leveraged tokens

The automated crypto trading platform Kryll has just integrated FTX Exchange on its platform of Bitcoin robots and crypto trading bots.

From now on, it is therefore possible to do automated trading on the FTX exchange with trading bots on Kryll.

As with any other crypto exchange already integrated on the automatic trading platform, simply connect your Kryll account to FTX exchange with an API key.

Once the FTX API key is installed, you can therefore use Bitcoin bots and Kryll crypto trading robots which will place buy or sell orders on FTX automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

bitcoin bot and crypto trading bot on FTX exchange

FTX trading contest with Kryll trading bots

Kryll crypto trading bots users will therefore be able to participate to the trading competition that FTX organizes, human traders against trading bots: click here to read the article.


FTX Exchange is notably known for its crypto derivative products like its famous leveraged tokens (BTCBULL, BTCBEAR) but also derivative products like the Trump 2020 futures contract.

FTX leverage tokens, similar to those on Binance (BTCUP and BTCDOWN), allow trading on margin by simply buying a token on the spot market.
You are doing trading with a simple token but benefiting from upward or downward leverage.

It is therefore also possible for Kryll crypto bots and Bitcoin bots users to do automatic trading with these leveraged tokens on FTX!

The Kryll marketplace already offers trading strategies to rent for trading on the FTX platform.
Professional traders rent their trading strategies to other users of the platform who can use and install them in a few clicks.

A new option that should therefore satisfy traders who were looking for crypto trading bots and Bitcoin bots for automated trading on FTX exchange.

To do so, and if you don’t have one yet, you just need to open an account on Kryll and FTX in order to be able to do automated Bitcoin trading or any other cryptocurrencies available on FTX, like Theta which has just been listed.