Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, advises buying Bitcoin to deal with the financial crisis

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Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad, advises buying Bitcoin to deal with the financial crisis

You may have read his world famous book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, a best-selling book that is still relevant today.

A book written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter,  which has sold 32 million copies in 109 countries, says Wikipedia.
A book with 6 main themes according to him for success in life:

  • The rich do not work for money.
    Financial literacy is essential.
    Owning businesses rather than working in them.
    Understand corporate taxes and power.
    The rich invent money.
    Work to learn rather than work for money.

Robert Kiyosaki, a businessman and investor in real estate, found success with this book and a series of others on the same theme.

He is therefore listened to when he speaks on certain financial and economic subjects, as in the present case with this Coronavirus/Covid19 crisis which causing an economic crisis that states and governments are trying to control by printing dollars at will as the American FED does.

Robert Kiyosaki therefore spoke on Twitter to denounce these practices which he believes will lead to nothing positive for the economy and people’s lives.

invest in bitcoin

So he calls on people to guard against the worst by buying gold, silver and Bitcoin BTC!

The successful author also recently predicted a price of Bitcoin at $75,000.

The American central bank continues to print dollars in order to redeem the debts of banks and businesses on the financial markets.

A spiral that keeps growing and that could one day collapse the system under the weight of debt which is reaching new heights.

Jerome Powell, President of the United States Federal Reserve, said the FED had no limits for its actions.

A global economy that is trying to get out of the Coronavirus crisis but that will have to face the worst in the future, with airlines completely shutdown, the automobile industry in its worst situation since decades, empty hotels without forgetting restaurants and bars still closed in many countries!

As a traditional safe haven, Robert Kiyosaki therefore recommends that people buy gold, silver and Bitcoin in order to protect themselves from the consequences of a major economic crisis.