Cryptopia exchange hacked!

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The Cryptopia attack and hack was the big story of early 2019.

But it seems that everything is not finished yet and that there is still water to run in this case.
According to reports, the same hackers still control Cryptopia crypto wallets in New Zealand and still steal coins.

Elementus, a blockchain data analytics company, said in an article that Cryptopia’s hackers, after spending a few days in silence, stole another 1,675 Ether (ETH) out of 17,000 different crypto wallets on Cryptopia, for a total of worth over $670,000.

Elementus said that at first, it seemed that Cryptopia was moving Ether values ​​between encrypted wallets to ensure the values ​​of the users not stolen.
However, the values ​​were sent to an Ethereum address related to hackers who had executed the first attack.

“The hacking group has users’ private keys, and they can transfer and withdraw funds from any Cryptopia wallet as they want.”


Elementus also said that some crypto wallets stolen from Cryptopia continue to receive money, suggesting that not all users are aware of the problem.

“Most of the funds come from mining-related crypto wallets, and these payments are likely to go to users who have chosen to automatically receive direct deposit mining rewards and may have forgotten them.”

Last week, Elementus released another analysis showing that about $16 million of Ether Tokens and ERC-20 had been stolen from Cryptopia crypto wallets.
The exchange has not yet published information on the stolen amounts in total.
The only official information is that it stopped trading on January 15, citing an “attack resulting in significant losses”.

Since then, the New Zealand police have investigated the case, saying the police are open-minded about the possibilities, as it is possible that everything could be an exit scam. (when the broker takes the money and declares bankruptcy or irreparable losses).

The lesson to be learned therefore is that you have to be wary of small exchanges that do not look serious or solid and that you should not leave any crypto on exchanges if you do not need them but to put them in a secure crypto wallet like the new Ledger Nano X that you can buy right now: Click here.