Crypto exchange HitBTC lists the cryptocurrency KRYLL (KRL)

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Crypto exchange HitBTC lists the cryptocurrency KRYLL (KRL)

The crypto Startup Kryll, specialized in automated crypto trading, had announced the imminent listing of its cryptocurrency KRL.

It is therefore the crypto exchange HitBTC that lists the KRL token from this Thursday, December 5, 2019.

The trading pair is:


Kryll announces a partnership with HitBTC crypto exchange which is now integrated among the crypto exchanges available on its automated crypto trading platform, in addition to Binance, Kraken, Liquid, Bittrex.


HitBTC is a well known crypto exchange to the crypto community, this crypto exchange is actually here since 2013!
This is one of the main crypto exchanges of the market with a daily volume around 800 million dollars.

The KRL token is an ERC-20 token and was listed so far on Liquid and Idex crypto exchanges. specializes in automated crypto trading where traders can set up crypto bots and Bitcoin bots to do automated cryptocurrency trading.

The company also offers a marketplace where traders can list their best crypto trading strategies so that other users can rent them and do copy trading on their Kryll account.
Traders are paid for the use of their crypto trading strategies by users.

It is now possible to buy or sell the KRL cryptocurrency on HitBTC or to do automated cryptocurrency trading with your HitBTC account on the Kryll platform.