Bitmex Twitter account hacked and thousands of users’ email addresses leaked

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Bitmex Twitter account hacked and thousands of users' email addresses leaked

Bitmex Twitter account hacked and thousands of users’ email addresses leaked.

“Take your BTC and run” says the message on the Bitmex Twitter account that seems to have been hacked.
If the sentence can make you laugh, it is clearly worrying about the security of the Bitmex site after such hacking.

Hard day so for Bitmex which thousands of email addresses of its users have been disclosed and published on the internet!

thousands of bitmex users email addresses leaked

It started with the disclosure of thousands of email addresses owned by users of the Bitmex trading platform.
A Twitter account broadcast lists of email addresses of Bitmex users showing that indeed, following a Bitmex error in sending a message by email, thousands of email addresses were visible to recipients of this email message from Bitmex.

Bitmex has published an explanation of the problem and apologizes to its customers on its blog.

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“Today, some of our users have received an email containing the email addresses of other users in the ‘to’ field.
We apologize for the concern that this communication may have caused.
This was the result of a software error that has now been processed. ”

Critical situation for Bitmex because of the fact that malicious people will be able to know that these email addresses belong to traders on Bitmex.
They will get phishing attacks from hackers.
Data extremely important and Bitmex failed to ensure confidentiality with a simple error in sending a message that gave access to the list of other recipients.

A month of November that starts badly for Bitmex with this internal error and thousands of email addresses of users disclosed in public.

The other disturbing fact is the message on Twitter telling Bitmex customers to take their BTC and run, last day for withdrawals.

take your btc and run from bitmex

This message would indicate the hacking of the Bitmex Twitter account, a problem that would be added to that of the email addresses of users disclosed.
A black Friday for Bitmex therefore, remains to obtain more information about the possible hacking of the Bitmex account or another internal error…
With a deleted message from Bitmex’s Twitter account that said “hacked”.

Bitmex who tries to reassure its customers too on the problem of its Twitter account and that “trolls” that would have broadcast this message.
How does a so-called troll get access to Bitmex’s Twitter account if it’s not a hacker?…

An eventful day in perspective on crypto Twitter.