Twitter hackers left a hidden message in Bitcoin transactions

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Twitter hackers left a hidden message in Bitcoin transactions

The recent Twitter hack shocked the world at its scale.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities have had their Twitter accounts hacked by hackers who demanded Bitcoin BTC from subscribers of these accounts.

Yet Bitcoin is not an anonymous cryptocurrency unlike Monero (XMR) which is untraceable, so why the hackers on Twitter chose to ask for Bitcoin and not Monero?

Monero which has become the favorite cryptocurrency of hackers as part of ransoms demanded from hacked victims.

The Twitter hackers thus left a message hidden in the Bitcoin transactions of their crypto scam and evoke the lack of confidentiality of BTC compared to Monero, the best anonymous cryptocurrency.

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The message hidden in bitcoin transactions says this:

“You take risks when you use Bitcoin. For your Twitter game, Bitcoin is traceable. Why not Monero.”

Hackers therefore point out that Bitcoin is traceable unlike the privacy coin Monero, and that it is therefore recommended to use XMR to guarantee the confidentiality of your transactions.
Especially in an illegal setting as the hackers point out of course…

The problem for hackers who want to get crypto money from the general public is that they have to use a well known cryptocurrency, and many people own Bitcoin BTC!

Few people know or use Monero (XMR) because they lack the utility and need for it.

As part of large-scale Bitcoin scams on Twitter or crypto scams that can be seen on Youtube, cybercriminals therefore claim BTC or Ethereum (ETH) which are the most common cryptocurrencies. among the general public.

Hackers who will have collected around 13 BTC following this giant hack on Twitter.

It is said that the cyber crooks would have succeeded in convincing Twitter employees to provide them with access for a fee.
An investigation is underway and should clarify the facts about this Bitcoin scam that has resonated around the world.

Twitter takes drastic action

As a result of this hack, Twitter now prohibits posting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency addresses in messages posted on the network.

Radical measure to stop all crypto scams that circulate on social networks and make new victims every day.

Collateral victim of this ban, the famous Twitter account Whale Alert is now banned from posting on Twitter.

This account posted all the major movements of Bitcoins and crypto on the blockchain, so it can no longer post anything following this ban on Twitter.

Bitcoin and crypto scams are clearly a plague and are only on the rise, resulting in the need for social networks like Twitter to take drastic action to stem a phenomenon that will only gain momentum with increasing adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

A Bitcoin price that was not affected by this twitter hack.