According to a survey, 5.3% of British citizens own some Bitcoin

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According to a survey, 5.3% of British own some Bitcoin

According to a survey, 5.3% of British citizens own some Bitcoin.

This is a survey conducted by Crypto Radar on a sample of the population of British citizens.
Several questions were asked to determine their opinion on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, if they own it and their attention to buy BTC.

Questions asked to men and women, aged 18 to 65 and over, included:

What is your position regarding Bitcoin investing?

I do not have one. NOT intend to buy some.
Never heard of Bitcoin before.
I do not have one. You plan to buy some.
I own some. NOT intend to buy more.
I own some. You plan to buy more.

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It turns out that the oldest generation (65+) does not own BTC in general and does not intend to buy any.
It can be understood that bitcoin and blockchain are certainly things that older people do not understand and will not have access to.

25% of men aged 25 to 34 have never heard of Bitcoin.

The 35-44 age group seems the most motivated to buy Bitcoin in the future, a desire more pronounced for men than for women.

It seems logical indeed that the youngest people already own Bitcoin.
A younger generation certainly more comfortable with the latest technologies, who has already heard of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If these percentages seem to increase with time, we are still far from mass adoption of Bitcoin BTC payments or the daily use of cryptocurrency or blockchain.
When a quarter of English men in this survey say they have never heard of Bitcoin, there is still work to do.
You can find the full figures of this survey on the Crypto Radar website.

BAKKT’s recent announcement to launch a crypto consumer application, with Starbucks as the first partner, is clearly this type of initiative that will allow mass adoption of Bitcoin in everyday life, to buy coffee or for shopping.