When blockchain allows your car to automatically pay toll or parking!

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When blockchain allows your car to automatically pay toll or parking

When blockchain allows your car to automatically pay toll or parking!

That’s what 5 car manufacturers are currently working on, including BMW, Renault, Ford, General Motors and Honda.

Called MOBI for Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, this innovative project that will work thanks to blockchain technology should allow a car to be identified via the blockchain in order to automatically pay a toll or parking for example.

A vehicle identification system via the blockchain associated with the crypto project IOTA but also IBM and Bosch.

The car becomes an automatic means of payment thanks to its identification with the Blockchain technology.
Field tests in the US will begin next month to see if the system works.
Technology that can then be marketed to the general public and professionals.


This would allow the driver of a vehicle to no longer have to worry about paying a toll or parking with his credit card for example.
The blockchain would identify the vehicle and allow automatic payment of toll or parking.

The MOBI system assigns numeric identifiers to individual vehicles, linked to information such as ownership and service histories.
No longer need to have a sticker or an electronic device to pass the tolls or pay parking, the blockchain does it.

Same for electric vehicles, a sector where car manufacturers invest a lot and where blockchain technology could also be used to pay charging or maintenance fees directly via blockchain technology innovation with the automatic identification of the vehicle.

This international partnership between various car manufacturers reduces research and investment costs that are enormous in new technologies or electric car.

Blockchain technology is being used more and more by automakers like Mercedes in China.

Automakers who are also considering the integration of cryptocurrencies to reward drivers who will share their road data for example.

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