Voice.com, the new social network on the EOS blockchain!

Voice.com, the new social network on the EOS blockchain

Voice.com, the new social network on the EOS blockchain!

With the announcement of Facebook Coin revealed earlier this year, the crypto space is focused on these areas of the Internet.
Block.One, the company behind EOS, is willing to compete with giants like Facebook and Twitter with its own social network, Voice.com.

Announced at the Block.One event, held on June 1, 2019 in Washington DC, Block.One CEO, Brendan Blumer, announced “Voice”, the social networking platform that will run on the EOS Blockchain that will be soon updated to version 2.0.

Presented as a “seamless” social media platform, thinking that “the value of good content is redistributed to support the community, not the company’s profits,” and that there is no manipulation with users.

Blumer criticized social networks:

“They auction our information to advertisers, raking in profits, and flooding our feeds with hidden agendas dictated by the highest bidder. Voice changes all that.”

Since it will be built on the public channel EOS Blockchain, the social network platform will follow the EOSIO protocol so that the operation is public, which adds to its “demands for transparency”:

“Everyone – the user, the contributor, the platform – plays with the same rules. There are no hidden algorithms, no hidden interests.”

Blumer also added that Voice will have its own token, so that all people “registered with Voice will have an EOS account” which will be used for the comments section.

It’s a big challenge to launch a new social network on the internet, Google had tried with Google + and broke its teeth on it despite the financial strength and media power that we know at Google.

EOS also raised $4 billion in ICO, so the company Block.one has the financial means but will it be enough when we know that few people use cryptocurrency or how to make people use a new social network when they are already on Facebook or Twitter, the hardest thing is to change the habits of a user.

The same thing for Youtube where new crypto players like Dtube, Theta, want to become the new Youtube but they do not have many users and it does not take off.

Or the Brave Browser who wants to become the new Chrome or Firefox by paying users who will watch online advertisements on the browser.
Again, changing people’s habits is very hard and it takes a lot of money, promotion and time.

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