TRON TRX is back in the Top 10 cryptocurrencies!

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TRON TRX is back in the Top 10 cryptocurrencies!

TRON TRX is back in the Top 10 cryptocurrencies!

Justin Sun must be smiling as he passes Cardano ADA to take the 10th spot in the crypto rankings.

If the CEO of Tron is often criticized as especially talented to make announcements of announcements or essentially mass marketing, it must be admitted that Tron climbs the steps of the podium one by one.

The announcement of the Chinese president clearly boosted the Tron price which reached $0.022 on Binance this morning when the Asian crypto market awakened, thats’s 50% increase this month!
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Tron price up

Thanks to the TRX token price increase, Tron is now in tenth place on the cryptocurrency podium, ahead of Cardano ADA and just behind Binance Coin BNB.


Tron who aims to join the Top 5 Cryptocurrencies for the end of the year.

Tron, which is clearly active in the crypto news, the TRX cryptocurrency has been added to the built-in crypto wallet of the Opera browser alongside Bitcoin BTC or Ethereum ETH.

Justin Sun who would also be behind the take over of the crypto exchange Poloniex according to some sources.
The CEO of Tron must also reschedule his lunch with billionaire Warren Buffet.
Or the sponsorship of the NBA basketball player Spencer Dinwiddie’s shoes.

And especially the announcement that Justin Sun made on Twitter about a partnership that will be announced this week between Tron and a $100 billion company.
Some Tron supporters hoping it’s Samsung.

So we see it, justin Sun is clearly motivated to bring Tron into the Top 5 cryptocurrencies for the end of the year, with a crypto market and a Bitcoin BTC price that should go back up in the weeks and months ahead.

See you this week to find out what is this exceptional partnership for Tron that justin Sun is talking about.
A Tron price that should be impacted if this partnership positively surprises the crypto market.