Trading contest on Cryptohopper and its crypto bots with 10,000 dollars to win!

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Trading contest on Cryptohopper and its crypto bots with 10,000 dollars to win

If you like crypto trading contests and crypto bots, Crypthohopper is having a trading competition to celebrate the integration of the OKEx crypto exchange, we talked about it in a previous article.

Cryptohopper is a platform known in automated crypto trading thanks to its Bitcoin robots and crypto trading bots which allow automatic trading of Bitcoin and crypto currencies like Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Tezos, etc.
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On its website, Cryptohopper details the conditions of the competition which is held from February 24 1PM CET until March 9, 2020 1PM CET.

The 20 best “hoppers” with the highest average percentage on 25 consecutive sales on OKEx will be eligible for the prizes.

  • Trades before the above-mentioned date are not eligible.
  • Shorted, merged, or synced positions, are not eligible.
  • Register both on OKEx and CH. And pass KYC2 on OKEx.
  • The value of at least 1000 USD must be traded within the earlier mentioned period.
  • Paper trade hoppers are not eligible.
  • Necessary: Export trade history to PDF to find an easy overview of 25 consecutive sales.
  • OKEx will give out the reward within 7 working days after the campaign ends.

If you want to participate in this trading competition, you just need to open an account on Cryptohopper in order to have access to the crypto bots and try to win the prizes brought into play by Cryptohopper and the crypto exchange OKEx.

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