Time to buy Bitcoin?

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Paris is on Fire!

Time to buy Bitcoin?


Riots, looting, Paris was on fire with thousands of people and yellow vests on the streets.

Anger over taxes on gasoline prices.

Is it maybe a sign to buy Bitcoin?
Collapse of the the economy, fall of the major currencies.


A major shift in society will happen eventually and it maybe will be the rise of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin!

To be more realistic with the actual 2018 crypto bear market, the end of year is coming soon so is christmas.
Usually, people sell stocks and crypto to get cash for end of year gifts so you get the idea of what is coming for Bitcoin price.

Is it time to buy Bitcoin?

Let’s take a look at this famous chart cycle image to get a better picture of the actual crypto bear market and where we might be:


We seem to be like in the middle of this bear market, we are at the beginning of december 2018, the capitulation has not happened yet so it’s coming.

We could be at Denial/Panic stage, the coming holidays might push Bitcoin off the cliff! So that we finally get this capitulation to end this crypto bear market and start going back up.

The positive aspect of a bear market and capitulation is that you will be able to buy cheap crypto and cheap Bitcoin.
If you did not sell your Bitcoin during the crypto bear market, it’s kind of late now and better to hold it until it goes back up.

If you have some cash, it’s already a good time to buy some Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies.
You can buy some crypto now and wait for capitulation to see how low crypto prices will go.

In the end, Bitcoin will go back up and rise again and so will the other cryptocurrencies even if some will not make it as some will run out of cash, that’s why it’s called a bear market. You have to make it through the crypto winter!

Only the strongest survive and the rule applies to cryptocurrencies too!

But now, Bitcoin price looks more and more attractive when you know it went up to $20,000 in the past.

The best time to buy Bitcoin is when its price is very low and it has already come low, around $3000 being already a very good price!

Of course, this is not financial advise, do your own research before investing any money in cryptocurrencies or stocks.

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