The TipJar micropayments service shuts down!

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The TipJar micropayments service shuts down

The TipJar micropayments service shuts down!

This crypto project became popular in late 2017 with its concept of micropayment on social networks.
It allowed to make donations and tips on Reddit in particular and worked on the Ethereum blockchain.

The TipJar project developer announced on Reddit the closure of the service, telling people who still have funds on Tipjar to withdraw them before the final closure of the website in 6 months.

The micropayment donation service is no longer used and closed.
We can compare this service to Brave and its tip function in BAT tokens on the internet.

The developer of the TipJar project states:

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I had a lot of fun creating this service, and it was fantastic to see all active participations, but lately, there has been very little activity on the bot.

I have been paying the monthly server fees for several years and, although they are pretty small, it makes no sense at this time to continue to pay money into the service if it is not used.

I’ve been asked a lot to make the code open-source, which I hesitated to do before doing a more rigorous analysis of system security, but I’d be happy to make the code open-source when the service will no longer be available.

What you need to know:

The reddit TipJar bot will be stopped immediately, so it is no longer possible to tip on reddit to other users.

The TipJar website will be closed on April 10, 2020.
After this date, TipJar’s accounts will no longer be accessible and funds will no longer be transferable.

If you have an existing balance in your TipJar account, you must remove it as soon as possible from

Crypto project among others, Tipjar does not earn money despite its interesting concept and closes its doors.

Other crypto projects run ouf of cash because of this bear market, which makes the economic activity of the crypto sector difficult, many crypto projects have begun to go bankrupt or have dismissed most of their staff.

Like any market that has experienced the euphoria of the bull run end of 2017, a lot of the crypto tokens and ICO funded projects will disappear before the crypto market rises and sets off again.
Like the CoinExchange crypto exchange that announced it is closing too.