The number of Ethereum ETH addresses exceeds 100 million!

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The number of Ethereum ETH addresses exceeds 100 million

A symbolic and significant figure in the development of the blockchain and crypto industry, the number of Ethereum ETH addresses has exceeded 100 million as shown in the graph on Etherscan.

More than 100 million unique ETH addresses, with a constantly increasing graph, a few months before the Ethereum blockchain will go into proof of stake mode.

An Ethereum blockchain that has enjoyed growing success with the rapid development of decentralized finance DeFi recently.

An Ethereum ETH network which is saturating, with increasing fees, faced with this constantly increasing demand for its resources, hence the urgent need for an essential update of the blockchain which must go into proof of stake mode in order to solve this problem.

Since the beginning of 2020, there have been around 16 million new ETH addresses.


Of course, not all of these Ethereum ETH addresses are used.
All the service providers such as crypto exchanges and other crypto wallets automatically create addresses for crypto wallets of clients who may not be used in the end.

As well as many ETH addresses created in the past and which are no longer used over time.

The arrival of Ethereum staking is also of interest to many investors, individuals and institutions, who intend to earn money with their Ethereum tokens by doing ETH staking.

As a reminder, it will take at least 32 ETH tokens to do Ethereum staking and earn interest on the tokens put in staking.
The interest rate will depend on the number of tokens being staked by Ethereum users.

Cryptocurrency staking is an increasingly popular means of generating passive income for individuals and professionals.

An Ethereum price currently around 243 dollars.