The launch of Ethereum 2.0 in July 2020 seems unlikely!

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The launch of Ethereum 2.0 in July 2020 seems unlikely

Despite what the developers of Ethereum announced in February 2020, Ethereum 2.0 is not expected to launch in July.

There are indeed only two months before this deadline and the Ethereum core developer, Afri Schoedon, simply indicated that given the deadlines, this is simply not possible despite Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, who would have indicated the date of July at a conference.

Afri Schoedon said in a message on Twitter that there is, for example, no official testnet, even if testnets have been launched by third-party companies like that of Prysmatic Labs.

Responding to a person on Twitter who writes that a launch in July is impossible, Afri Schoedon confirms:

“What Marco said. It’s simple math. The final spec is not implemented in any client and we didn’t launch a coordinated testnet yet.

Going on stages or panels and putting out dates is not helpful at all. I don’t think Vitalik said July. But I didn’t see the talk.”

Vitalik Buterin who has since corrected his claims by simply saying that Ethereum 2.0 is on the right track but that there is no specific launch date.


“I listened to the interview again. The question did indeed contain “July”, I do not remember hearing “July”, so it seems that it was my fault for having misunderstood. My apologies for that. My current position is that EH2.0 is on the right track, as there are no unexpected bumps in development.

Testnets are progressing well, but I defer to client developers on time and if they now say Q3 more broadly, then I believe them. ” Vitalik Buterin told Coindesk

Ethereum core developers had however indicated that if the launch of Ethereum 2.0 could not take place in July, it would be something very negative.

The vagaries of IT development mean that launch dates are often postponed and many blockchain and crypto projects have still not delivered their products.
What Vitalik Buterin says in his response, there are unforeseen developments in IT that cause the dates to be pushed back and they have been pushed back several times for Ethereum.

Still, many people are waiting for this upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain, with more and more decentralized applications every day, games, and recently, DeFi decentralized finance applications have exploded.

Ethereum 2.0 which must put the Ethereum blockchain in proof of stake mode and allow the staking of ETH tokens.
It will take 32 ETH tokens to do Ethereum staking.

Another concern is the Ethereum price, a launch which would not take place in July 2020 could sow doubt on the future of the Ethereum blockchain and bring down the price of the ETH token.

An Ethereum price currently close to $ 200!

It is May 14, 2020 and it seems indeed unlikely that the Ethereum developers will succeed in launching Ethereum 2.0 with all that remains to be implemented and above all, that it would first be necessary to launch an official testnet!

With the statements of Vitalik Buterin and core developer Afri Schoedon, the Ethereum community and crypto traders are therefore warned that the date of July can no longer be counted on for the launch of Ethereum 2.0.