Standard Chartered Bank joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA)

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Standard Chartered Bank joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA)

Standard Chartered Bank joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA).

In a press release, the international bank that has no less than $685 billion in assets states joins the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

The bank says the blockchain will play a vital role in the digital economy:

“The Bank believes that blockchain is at the heart of the banking and trading business of the digital age, allowing real-time transaction verification, security and processing.”

The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance brings together in this association a large number of companies working in different sectors (technology, banking, law, government, health, energy, pharmaceuticals, marketing, insurance) and who are interested in blockchain technology and Ethereum of course.
Ethereum which is the blockchain leader of the current crypto market.

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“We are delighted to be part of the EEA and hope that we will be able to collaborate with other major players in the sector to deepen the research and implementation of the blockchain in the banking sector,” said Dr Michael Gorriz, Director of Group Information Systems at Standard Chartered.

Standard Chartered, which has been showing interest in blockchain technology for some time and is a founding member of Voltron, “an open industrial platform based on blockchain technology launched in October 2018 to create, exchange, approve and digitally issue letters of credit.”

It is clearly interesting to see banks interested in blockchain technology and to take the step of joining an alliance of companies around the blockchain Ethereum.
Ethereum Enterprise Alliance’s members include Accenture, Baidu, JP Morgan (another bank), ING Bank, FedEx, Ethereum Foundation, Chainlink, Ernst & Young, etc…

Standard Chartered Bank also reports having invested in Ripple.