After Ripple XRP, Flare Networks Announces Spark Token Airdrop for LTC Token Holders

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After Ripple XRP, Flare Networks Announces Spark Token Airdrop for LTC Token Holders

While XRP token holders suffered a significant drop in Ripple price as a result of the upcoming SEC lawsuit, they were able to benefit from a Spark token airdrop from Flare Networks.

Each XRP token holder should receive an equivalent number of Spark tokens.

Following the concerns with the Ripple startup, Flare Networks is now interested in Litecoin LTC and will perform a Spark token airdrop for eligible LTC token holders.

A new opportunity to get free crypto tokens if you have LTC tokens or if you buy them before the Spark (FLR)/LTC airdrop.

“Flare will be integrating Litecoin ahead of the Flare network launch in Q2. This will allow LTC to be used trustlessly on Flare with Ethereum style smart contracts and gives LTC interoperability and composability.

Flare foundation token allocation will be reduced so that 5 Billion FLR can be distributed to LTC participants. Full details to come next week”

5 billion FLR tokens will therefore be allocated to this airdrop for LTC token holders.

ledger nano x

The crypto startup will provide more information next week as noted in its tweet, which will allow the crypto community and Litecoin LTC cryptocurrency holders to prepare for this airdrop.

As with the airdrop to XRP token holders, your LTC tokens will need to be on a crypto exchange that will deliver the Spark airdrop like Binance or Kraken probably.
Or have your LTC tokens on a compatible crypto wallet which will also be compatible with this upcoming airdrop like the Ledger Nano X.

We have to wait next week to learn more about this new Spark/LTC airdrop that could impact Litecoin price as this event approaches.

Litecoin LTC price is currently around 134 dollars.