Opera will sell Ethereum on its platform!

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Opera will sell Ethereum on its platform

Opera will sell Ethereum on its platform!

The war between the most popular operating systems in the world is Android vs. iOS, competing with Google’s Linux-based open source system against the Titan system of the Apple with its connection system.
This fight between internet browsers has been going on for years.

For some, the advantage of Android is that as an open source system, device program design is more simple, more accessible, and faster than IOS, which requires almost a diploma or paid licenses in thousands of dollars.
The Opera browser exploits this difference by providing cryptocurrency services to Android users.

Opera shows an interest in crypto-currencies, especially with what was once the second crypto on the market, Ethereum (ETH).
It had even previously announced that the browser would include a special digital wallet for this cryptocurrency on all devices.

Recently announced that from its browser, without the need of third party, you will be able to buy cryptocurrency on the platform. This announcement was made by a press release.

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According to the press release, the new service is available to users based in Sweden, Norway and Denmark thanks to the new partnership between Opera and the brokerage firm Safello.
Which, according to Opera, is registered with the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) in Sweden.

Julia Szyndzielorz, head of public relations at Opera, said in an email that the addition of ETH by Opera via its browser allows users to buy cryptocurrency online immediately.

Opera is popular among users who do not have modern devices or computers because it is a lightweight platform and does not require a lot of processing capacity, unlike Chrome which consumes RAM in large quantity.
It is also used if you do not want the browser to know everything you do like Chrome, although it has a new skill in this area, Brave.

Robinhood is another browser that would like to include services with crypto-currencies.
We will see if the new trend includes them, and if someday we will have these crypto services in Google Chrome and Safari of course!