New website for the Stellar Lumens Cryptocurrency (XLM)

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New website for the Stellar Lumens Cryptocurrency (XLM)

New website for the Stellar Lumens Cryptocurrency (XLM).

A new design to better present the cryptocurrency Stellar XLM and its blockchain project.

Will this help Stellar to raise the price of its token which is at the bottom of the alts coins bear market.
The price in August 2019 is $0.06.

Like many other cryptocurrencies on the market, Stellar is not worth much and is at the bottom of the ravine like XRP, Neo, Walton, Pillar, etc …

The new Stellar Lumens website is online:


The new website is clear with a simple and easy-to-understand interface that has to attract new users.
On the home page, Stellar also mentions that IBM World Wire is powered by the cryptocurrency project.
The website is full of development tools, such as Stellar SDKs and community channels for creating open source projects on the Stellar network.

It must be said that we have not really heard about Stellar lately.

The bear market is long and we still do not see the end of the tunnel for Stellar or other cryptocurrencies whose price has fallen sometimes 90% since the last peaks achieved by Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the crypto market during the last bitcoin bull run.

Launching a new website is perhaps a way to talk about its blockchain project and its cryptocurrency XLM.

Stellar XLM was created by a former co-founder of Ripple XRP who disagreed with the path that XRP was taking and had decided to create its own cryptocurrency with the goal he wanted.

In 2014, Jed McCaleb, founder of mount. Gox and co-founder of Ripple launched the Stellar cryptocurrency with former lawyer Joyce Kim.

But lately, it does not seem to have had any development on XLM and nobody really talks about it.

This may be simply due to a crypto bear market that is not ending, with no public interest in cryptocurrencies.

A market turnaround for cryptos may allow some tokens like XLM to get back up or disappear as it will be the case for many crypto projects that will not survive this bear market.
Especially if it lasts a long time, the future will tell.