The Multi Launcher arrives on the crypto trading bot platform Kryll

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The Multi Launcher arrives on the Bitcoin trading bots platform Kryll

The automated crypto trading platform Kryll has announced a major update to its Bitcoin trading bots.

The V1.10 update includes a Multi Launcher, a function asked by more and more traders who use crypto trading bots for their BTC trading as well as for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Link, Tezos, Dogecoin, LTC, EOS, etc.

As its name suggests, the Multi Launcher will allow traders to launch an automated trading strategy for several trading pairs at the same time, without having to launch an automatic trading strategy for each pair as before.

The announcement thus indicates that it is now possible to launch up to 9 trading pairs at the same time (Link/BTC, XTZ/BTC, Doge/BTC, ETH/BTC, etc.)

Different trading pairs but based on a main cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH or USDT for example.


The dashboard will thus give an overview of the 9 trading pairs launched simultaneously, which will therefore save time for traders and strategy creators on the Kryll marketplace.

kryll strategies update

1. Logo of the exchange where the strategy is trading and name of the trading pairs group.
2. KRL tokens available to run the multi-pair group.
3. Profit indicator for the trading pairs.
4. Detailed data per trading pair (9 max) with graph and profit per pair.
5. Total starting capital and current total capital to see the evolution of earnings.

Being able to launch multiple trading pairs at the same time also has the advantage of being able to diversify risk by spreading capital across multiple cryptocurrencies.

Risk management is essential in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, it is advised to diversify your capital in several crypto-assets.
Multi launch therefore makes it possible to do this quickly and in a few clicks, significant time savings for traders.

Paul Collorafi, Marketing Director of Kryll, says of the Multi Launcher:

“This update is important for Kryll users. Our community understood the importance of diversification and asked us to make it easier.

Thanks to the Multi-Launcher, it is now possible to launch a strategy on several pairs without repeating the process.”

Regarding the strategies available for rent on the Kryll marketplace, the company indicates that the pairs recommended by the creator of a strategy will be directly proposed for rapid addition to the user interface.

Professional traders can make their best Kryll trading strategies available for rent on the marketplace, it is advised to follow the trading pairs recommended by the creators of these strategies.

Growing success for automated trading and crypto trading bots

As we have seen in many articles, Bitcoin robots and crypto trading bots are more and more used by professional traders as by the general public who can notably use copy trading and social trading when a person does does not have all the skills required in trading.

Pro traders also rent trading strategies from other traders due to lack of time, strategies are ready to go and can be launched with a few clicks on your account.

Thanks to ever more efficient trading bots, the results are here.

Best kryll strategies july 2020

Figures that vary of course depending on the state of the crypto market which is currently experiencing an alt season.
A Bitcoin bull run is certainly also looming in the coming months after years of bear market.

Below, the recent figures of some trading strategies available on the marketplace.

These crypto trading bots and bitcoin bots have the advantage to offer free technical support, free and unlimited tests and backtests!

If you want to test Kryll bitcoin trading bots or its multi launcher, just open a free account: click here.