Mina (MINA) cryptocurrency listed on Kraken

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Mina (MINA) cryptocurrency arrives on Kraken

New listing on Kraken crypto exchange that will launch Mina cryptocurrency trading (MINA).

MINA token deposits are already available on the interface of the trading platform.

The announced trading pairs are MINA/USD, MINA/EUR, MINA/GBP, MINA/BTC.

MINA trading will begin on Tuesday, June 1 at approximately 00:00 UTC.

This listing on Kraken should allow the Mina project to get some traction among the general public, the MINA price should also benefit from this media coverage.


The crypto exchange recently listed Sandbox (SAND), Enjin (ENJ) and LivePeer (LPT) tokens, Cardano ADA staking is also now available on Kraken.

What is Mina Protocol?

O(1) Labs developed the Mina Protocol in 2017 and created what it refers to as the first ever “compressed” blockchain platform.  This means that the entire blockchain is roughly 22kb in size, equivalent to the size of a few tweets. Mina thus provides a low barrier to entry to those who wish to operate a node and validate transactions.

Mina’s blockchain is built to maintain its size, regardless of the amount of people accessing it or its years of transaction history, using a technology called zero knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKs). zk-SNARKs are micro-crypto certificates stored by nodes and used to verify transactions in a private and efficient manner, allowing nodes to not have to store the entire chain.

Mina is a proof-of-stake protocol for programmable payments, apps, permissionless privacy and is secured cryptographically. Its MINA cryptocurrency can be used by holders to help govern the ecosystem and for payments within the applications.

One of the most anticipated projects of the industry to date, Mina raised a total of $18.75 million during its token sale on Coinlist in only four hours.

Project website: https://minaprotocol.com

If you want to trade on Kraken, just open a free account: click here.