Mike Tyson’s new platform will combine boxing and blockchain!

Mike Tyson's new platform will combine boxing and blockchain

Update August 18,2019:

Following the articles in the press about him, Mike Tyson came to deny this news, it seems indeed that the promoter of the crypto project ‘Fight to fame’ used the name of Mike Tyson in a fraudulent way.
Mike Tyson declares that he is not involved in this crypto project.

A cease-and-desist letter has been sent by Iron Mike’s attorneys, Lavely & Singer, to Shi and several associates of his Moregain Capital Group, accusing them of “wrongful and tortious misappropriation of Mr. Tyson’s name, voice, photograph, and likeness  (collectively, the ‘Tyson Publicity Rights’) for commercial purposes without his consent in connection with the exploitation of purported ‘Tyson Token’-branded cryptocurrency (the ‘Illegal Product’).”

Mike Tyson’s new platform will combine boxing and blockchain!

The famous former boxing champion Mike Tyson announced his new platform in which he wants to combine fights with Blockchain.

The new company is called “Fight to Fame”.

Mike Tyson announced his new platform in which he plans to push fighters with the help of the entertainment industry and Blockchain technology.

The idea is to return to the fight sector the fame that it had at some time and, to achieve this, they want to use the tools that are currently being successful and reaching great popularity among the different sectors of the population.

In addition, we want to give the opportunity to new fighters who can have greater control over their money and achieve greater influence in this regard, which would make them superstars in their own right.
To meet this goal, the company will help these stars in formation to gain recognition through social networks, television shows, reality shows, movies, games, live fights and betting.

«The idea of ​​Fight to Fame arose when thinking about the problem of not having new action stars entering through the pipeline… As an experienced fighter, I want to guide future generations, especially future action stars and make sure that there is a path to professional success and fair compensation. Building this global platform for them is one of my passions ».

So far the plan sounds pretty good but what does Blockchain have to do with it?
As the platform hopes to use the decentralized accounting book that offers this technology as the “glue” that will keep all these elements together in a transparent and secure way.

The blockchain will not only provide transparency to the fighter’s compensation through the support of fan participation and brand opportunities, but it is the opportunity for this industry to join the wave of innovation that has flooded a great diversity of sectors so far.

The financial expert and CEO of this project, Farzam Kamalabadi, said that:

«Blockchain resolves the empowerment that did not exist in the Internet era (…) This is about the generation of wealth from the masses, but back to the masses through all participants and stakeholders. So it’s not just win-win. This is multiple victories for all concerned ».

The differentiating element offered by Fight to Fame is that it will fan the excitement of fans by issuing cryptocurrency tokens that they can use for various activities. Over time, he hopes to increase the value of the tokens, helping the fighters, the company and the fans.

“We are really looking to change entertainment as a whole and bring together the best of everything for the best experience of fans and fighters,” Tyson said.

Sports like boxing, Formula 1 and others will certainly play an important role in the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain but mainstream adoption for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This new initiative by Mike Tyson, if successful, will play its role as precursor in cryptocurrency and sport.

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