Kucoin will delist Aphelion (APH) after rumors of scam!

Kucoin will delist Aphelion (APH) after rumors of scam

Kucoin will delist Aphelion (APH) after rumors of scam!

A community member explains the entire story behind Aphelion and CEO Ian Holtz.
Holtz recently announced that the project had stalled due to a “lack of funds” in a recent post

The article is called The story of a scammer…

KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange is going to delist the token project Aphelion.
This is reported on its official website.

Currently, users can no longer deposit any APH tokens. Bidding will be suspended on June 8 2019, and withdrawal will be available until September 8 2019.

According to CoinMarketCap, in addition to KuCoin, APH is present only on its own platform, Aphelion, which is a decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain, and Switcheo Network, where the APH trading volumes for the last day are $0.

Events unfold against the backdrop of the Aphelion announcement that he “was forced to suspend development.” For reasons behind this decision, CEO Jan Holz points to low trading volumes and a “lack of funds.”

At the same time, Holtz noted that his team has released products that work on a variety of platforms, published quality code in open source and contributed to the development of the NEO ecosystem. “As expected, the market has recovered, but APH has not,” he adds.

According to Aphelion’s CEO, the project allocated funding to maintain its servers and the trading interface is frozen, blocking the remaining allocation of 6,000,000 APH, while he himself would try to find alternative sources of funding. If such funding is not received in the coming months, the project will probably have to close, concludes Holtz.

The APH token was distributed to users via Airdrop.
After reaching a peak in May 2018 at about $0.70, its rate collapsed and at the time of publication is equal to $0.001482. The token price has lost 99.8%.

The story published on medium show that the CEO has spent a lot of money for his lifestyle, the project looking more like a scam than anything else…

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