In Germany, you can pay with Bitcoin (BTC) at Burger King!

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In Germany, you can pay with Bitcoin (BTC) at Burger King

In Germany, you can pay in Bitcoin (BTC) at Burger King!

Burger king customers have discovered a payment option with Bitcoin (BTC) on the mobile payment application of the fast food chain.
It’s more about the delivery service for Burger King which has a Bitcoin payment option and not really at Burger King restaurants.

Burger King had partnered with mobile payment company Tillster to manage mobile payments for Burger King customers.
Lieferando is a home delivery service which is connected to all kinds of food chains in Europe and allows customers to pay in Bitcoin then.

In addition to payment options with Visa or Paypal, Burger King customers in Germany can pay the famous Whopper hamburger with Bitcoin.

pay your burger in bitcoin at burger king

It should be known that Burger King does not directly manage these payments but it is therefore the Tillster and Lieferando who take care of recovering payments in Bitcoin so that Burger King recovers payments in Euros.


Perse Faily, the CEO of Tillster in San Diego, California, said:

“When used and implemented, mobile payments offer both brand and consumer benefits, allowing a two-way dialogue as opposed to a one-way transaction,” said Perse Faily, CEO. of Tillster, San Diego, CA.

“For consumers, they can use a simple and convenient way to pay for their products and opt for the additional services that brands develop, with the help of Tillster, such as loyalty programs, exclusive coupons and other tools. commitment. ”

By adding the payment option in Bitcoin, Tillster and Burger King are striking hard in terms of communication.

This is a step towards the growing use of cryptocurrencies as a mean of payment even though Bitcoin is not the fastest and cheapest transactional cryptocurrency today.

The idea is primarily symbolic because Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world and certainly the one that many people already have.
Paying your burger with crypto may be easier if it’s in Bitcoin at first.

In Venezuela, it was already possible to pay your burger with Dash, another famous cryptocurrency but in another fast food chain.
Read our article about paying your burger with Dash in Caracas.

The news of being able to pay in Bitcoin at Burger King is quite important because it is clearly a first step towards the generalization of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments in the near future.