GRAM ICO investors voted to postpone the launch of TON until April 30, 2020

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GRAM ICO investors voted to postpone the launch of TON until April 30, 2020

GRAM ICO investors voted to postpone the launch of TON until April 30, 2020.

It is the Forbes Russia newspaper that reports sources indicating a vote by investors in the GRAM cryptocurrency project and the TON blockchain postponing the launch to April 2020.

Forbes indicates in particular:

“Blockchain investors in the Telegram Open Network (TON) approved the delayed launch of the platform and refused to request a refund.
The decision was made by investors of two rounds of financing TON, by majority vote, told Forbes from two sources close to the Telegram team.

Investors in GRAM ICO had until April 23 to claim a refund of 77% of their investment if they did not want a postponement of the launch of the TON blockchain project.


After this vote, Telegram will therefore be able to commit the necessary funds to face the SEC in court in February 2020, the hearing with the SEC has been postponed by a judge at the request of Telegram.
The SEC, which is suing Telegram and its GRAM ICO deemed illegal for notably having accepted American investors without having registered its token sale with American authorities.

The GRAM cryptocurrency and the TON blockchain which were to be launched at the end of October but were stopped by the SEC’s lawsuit determined to stop the issuance of GRAM tokens.

Telegram has therefore chosen a vote by the majority of investors to decide on the future of the TON project and the cryptocurrency GRAM.
Voting postponed its launch to April 30, 2020 and allows Telegram to have $80 million that it said are needed for further operations.

Telegram raised $1,7 billion for the cryptocurrency GRAM and TON blockchain project.

See you next year for the Telegram and SEC hearing about the legality of GRAM ICO.
Telegram expected to launch its cryptocurrency GRAM end of October 2019 before that of Facebook and take the lead on the Crypto project Libra.
Telegram will also have to wait until 2020, the year Libra plans to launch its cryptocurrency.

Libra has been the object of an outcry from many governments and saw the recent departure of many important members of its association.