Coca Cola uses blockchain technology developed by SAP to manage its supply chain

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Coca Cola uses blockchain technology developed by SAP to manage its supply chain

Coca Cola uses blockchain technology developed by SAP to manage its supply chain.

Like more and more companies, blockchain technology can manage supply chains in food, automotive sector, etc…

Business Insider publishes an interesting report on Coca-Cola, which is also using blockchain technology to track the supply of its bottled beverage bottling lines around the world.

We learn that Coke One North America (CONA), the company that runs the IT operations of the bottling companies for Coca Cola, is using a blockchain technology developed by the famous German software company SAP.

CONA must oversee and manage platforms that can bottle and ship up to 160,000 Coca Cola products a day, says Andrei Semenov, a CONA director.


The goal of using blockchain technology is, of course, to save time and money by making the process faster and more efficient between the different providers who participate throughout the supply chain until bottling and the expedition.

Andrei Semenov explains precisely on this subject:

“There are a number of business-to-business and multi-party transactions that are ineffective.
They pass through intermediaries; they are very slow.
We thought we could improve that and save money.”

The blockchain makes it possible to know in real time where are the orders of each provider, which allows a sharp management of the time of order and supply of the different bottling lines.
What took weeks in the past can be reduced to a few days thanks to blockchain technology, which is huge for a company like Coca Cola that manages billions of dollars in activity.

On sharing data and information between providers and franchises, Andrei Semenov tells Business Insider:

“There was a negotiation and a discussion to reach a consensus on the data we wanted to share.
We started with a huge list of data attributes and reduced it to the list everyone agreed on.”

Other large food companies such as Walmart and Carrefour also use blockchain technology to improve supply chains or track certain products.

The automotive sector is not left behind as we have seen in various articles on Mercedes, which also uses blockchain technology in its supply chains.

The fact that big companies like Coca Cola use blockchain technology and communicate on this subject can only lead other companies to take the step to use this new technology that improves the performance of a company by reducing costs!